attending a wedding and need advice on what to wear? PLEASE!?

it's a garden wedding, so it will be outside. i know it's gotta be formal and dressy but I'm just not sure what would be appropriate for me to wear, besides a dress. i was 12 last time i attended a wedding.

thanks in advance.

i'm 17, if it helps any(on what to wear).

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    DO NOT wear white or anything close to it first of all. Second chose a knee to mid calf lenght dress that has sleeves (no strappy or anything like that) in light colors like light blue, lilac or yellow. Wear shoes with closed toes or if they are open toes, not strappy sort. Dont' try to appear sexy, try to appear demure and lovely. Hair loose and soft curls with maybe a thin headband or ribbon in it. very minimal jewlery, a little necklace if any and maybe a nice bracelet. Good luck and have fun

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    I would wear the same thing you would wear if you were going to an to a school dance and wanted to look your best. No jeans, no punk or goth just something you are comfortable in and keep in mind that all eyes will be on the bride. As long as you dont wear neon colors or spiked hair you probably won't stand out. Are you a member of the family or very close friend of the bride or groom?

    Where is the wedding? A garden wedding in New England would be much different than CA or FL in the states?

    If you are in a cooler place sweaters in autumn colors, warmer muted pastels are probably best but choose the color you like on you.


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    Formal wear has become considerably more casual over the past 100 years, any sort of long single coloured dress should be appropriate, though, be careful as to not wear something that touches the ground, as it will get dirty in a garden party. I don't think anyone would give it a second thought if you wore one of those simple black dresses that every woman seems to have.

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    A nice suit if you don't want to wear a dress. Women don't belong in pants in a formal setting. I can't imagine how formal an outdoor wedding in a garden will be, usually that's semi formal and a tea length dress is appropriate, or a nice feminine suit.

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    If they specified a garden wedding, then do not wear pointy heels because they will sink in the dirt of the lawn.

    Wear something festive, tea-length dress would be nice, with shoes that are suitable for the venue. Do not wear a dress that is white, black, or red.

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    Try to go for a dress or a nice top with pants. Since its outside you don't have to get super dressed up. Wear something that will be comfortable and wear good shoes since you may end up walking in the grass.

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    Since the wedding is outside, and its fall, I would suggest a long evening dress, in warm colors. Maybe a crushed velour material. If you go strapless, I would suggest a wrap or shawl for the evening. I know some of my younger cousins have worn dress pants to weddings for the comfort of them. This might be an idea as well.

    Have fun!!! :))

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    Since it's a garden wedding, you should find a nice dress with a floral pattern. You shouldn't do anything floor-length or "prom-like." Look for more of a cocktail dress--tea length or knee length--and something light and "summery." You shouldn't look like you just stepped out of a black tie affair, but you also shouldn't look like you just stepped out of your high school classroom, either.

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    An outdoor wedding is usually a semi-formal affair. Skip the floor length evening gown. Besides looking good on you, the outfit should be appropriate for both the weather and the event. Weddings aren't the time and place for flashy, sexy clothing. Think about what you would wear to church, or to a nice dinner with your grandparents, i.e. demure and.or conservative.

    If it's during the day, look for knee length to mid-calf dresses. Skirts should be around the same length, and make sure the blouse is nice. Seperates would be fine too, as long as you don't look like you are going to a board meeting. Try to avoid pants as they are usually a more evening look.

    If it's an evening wedding, then the dress or skirt should be mid calf to ankle length. Again, seperates and pants should not look business.

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