who first discovered carbon and how?

helpppp. project due tomorrow.

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    No one is responsible for discovering carbon. Read the experts from Wikipedia -

    Carbon was discovered in prehistory and was known to the ancients, who manufactured it by burning organic material in insufficient oxygen (making charcoal). Diamonds have long been considered rare and beautiful. One of the last-known allotropes of carbon, fullerenes, were discovered as byproducts of molecular beam experiments in the 1980s.

    The name comes from French charbone, which in turn came from Latin carbo, meaning charcoal. In German and Dutch, the names for carbon are Kohlenstoff and koolstof respectively, both literally meaning "coal-stuff".

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    It just might have been Ugh. He was setting in his cave feeding the fire god when he noticed that some of the "food" had developed black areas. We now know this was charcoal, which, along with graphite, are forms of carbon.

    Source(s): Pure Spectulation
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