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i need help about growing as a teen male..?

Im 15 years old 5'10'' and the last time i checked my height was during spring. I am still the same height right nowww. DId i stop growinggggggg??? did u guys stop growing for a while and start to grow again??

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    you continue growing until your early twenties (20-21) though your growth spurt and apperant increase in size does slow markedly

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    You still may have some growing to do, bro. I was the same height you are when I was 15, and then stopped for about a year, and then gradually added four inches in height over the next four years. I think I grew about one inch when I was 20. I'm now 6-2.

    Eat well, stay active, and don't let yourself get overweight, since a gut will cause your spine to bend a bit and decrease potential height. Get lots of calcium and Vitamin D in your diet for bone and tissue growth.

    Source(s): I'm a personal fitness trainer for Gold's Gym--certification is from National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Also former college athlete (track) University of Texas.
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    Sometimes it takes a while.You are still going to grow but it takes a little while. Maybe it not the biggest growth spirt ever ,but you are still growing.=)

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    If you've stopped growing for about six months, you may have reached your max and will stop growing

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