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how do i go about tring to get a new meps to look at my records to clear me?

When i tried to join the navy 2yrs ago...I was turned down because i had a condtion known as CP .........Which has no effect on my performace now...I ran track, and was involved in many sports.....So why did I have so many problems...should I try a diffrent MEPS...Diffrent docs....I have had 3 docs clear me ....What are my ops?

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    Ask for a review. Show current facts to prove you are sound and fit for duty.

    Also civilian contractor. They may also train you. It may be better paying

    Remember to be careful what you ask you, you just may get it.

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    Try it again. Bring letters from your doctors. MEPS will require you to see one of their doctors, and you may require a waiver. I have no idea what "CP" is, but your medical records will just be sent from one MEPS to the next if you try that.

    Source(s): Retired Army, ex recruiter
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