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my 1 yr old mastiff has just started showing signs of fear of strangers and loud noises.she is socialized.?

we have walked her since very young she does not want other people to pet her.she will run behind us and hide.also shows fear of loud noises .we spent much effort socializing her and dont understand this behavior

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    I would suggest taking her to obedience class. Even if she knows all her obedience it will really help w/socializing around people and other dogs..especially large groups of them. When your dog acts scared on walks dont comfort her....just tell her it is okay and continue like nothing is wrong. if you comfort her...then she will think it is okay for her to be afraid. also you can try to desensitize her toward loud noises. when she is sleeping, eating ect make a lot of noise..drop pots/pans on the floor in another room, ect. eventually this will help her to learn that nothing is going to happen. we have a greyhound that had this problem..and this method worked very well w/her.

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    I have problems like this with my dog, and went to a trainer tonight actually. With my dog, she got worse with age, so if this continues, I suggest going to a trainer ASAP. The big thing she talked about was building up the dogs confidence, and keeping her mind busy when meeting new people, so she doesn't think about being nervous, ie. tell her to sit, go to her bed, do a trick, etc. Plus, make sure that you are dominant, so she'll feel protected, and not feel the need to protect you. When meeting new people, she should look to you, for a reaction/command.

    Also, if this is really new and uncommon behaviour for her, see your vet, she may not be feeling well, and therefore is scared and edgy.

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    One of the biggest mistakes people make when this type of thing happens ,is to say"Oh dont worry or It's O.K" to their dog. To the dog it sounds like you are praising them for being scared. Don't make that mistake. Don't force her to interact with people if she is scared, but take her around people, maybe she will show interest in someone.Be patient. Watch "The Dog Whisperer" on the national geographic channel

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    It is likely just a phase..Just keep up the good work..

    Remember how toddlers go through a phase of developement at about 18 months, when they are fearful? Many dogs go through the same thing..

    This is very common in the breed I raise..

    Source(s): dog breeder since 1968
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    OH she grow out of it it is just one stage of their lives i got 4 puppies and they were once scared so nothing to worry about.

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    I would have her vision and hearing checked out.

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