have you ever been afraid to take a risk and end up like your parents?

my parents are not the best of people. my mom is on welfare and my dad is a loser who is unemployed and still lives with his mother. Iam 18 and wanting to try new things.

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    Ha Ha....I'm not laughing at you I'm laughing cuz I have a similar situation. Well my mom isn't on Welfare, but she's a evil type of woman and basically disowned me, but my dad does live with his mother. And for a while I was scared to follow in their foot steps. What you have to realize is that life is full of risk and you'll never know the out come untill you try something new. Don't live your whole life being scared you're going to fall realize you are you're own person and you are an adult and you can decide now how you end up. You seen and you know the mistakes they have made, just don't do what they did.

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    1 decade ago

    When I was younger I was afraid to end up like my parents then I realized that life is worth risks and sometimes you have to get burnt to learn lessons. I'm not saying make deliberate bad choices but if it happens learn from them and don't use your parents bad examples as an excuse not to live. The best thing you can do for yourself is to become a success at what ever you do even if it is not a huge career. Maybe you will be a success at being a fantastic parent. If that comes true then you will have won.

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    1 decade ago

    Nothing ventured, Nothing gained.

    In view of the financial situation of your parents; you would qualify for grants that will enable you to go to a tech school, junior college , possible university. (Depending upon your grades)

    There isn't any reason why you have to follow in their footsteps if you apply yourself. Don't let anything get in your way of an education. Try getting a Pell Grant. You won't have to pay that back and it is Federal monies so you can transfer to any state in the U.S.

    And lastly DO NOT BECOME PREGNANT until you are established in your career and independent enought that you can pursue a relationship and become a partner not a co-dependent.

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    My parents were not risk takers but forced into circumstances they had no say over. That's how it was relayed to me.

    You are young. You have one life to live. Don't get easilyi distracted by sex, drugs and alcohol. Travel. Go see the world. There are overseas opportunities to be an english teacher or volunteer for the peace corps. It's not glamourous but it's a life experience and not meant to coddle you. I'm excited for you and wish you the best. FORWARD MARCH YOUNG PERSON

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    Yeah i have, until now. My parents was knew each other by arranged marriage and they decided to divorce now. I'm afraid to that my marriage will end up like them but arraged marriage is not so bad like i thought before, so it's a worth to try. Who knows what'll be happen tomorrow, right? You should dare to take a risk when it's related to your own future...

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    Well if the risk you want to take has the potential consequence of ending up like your parents, then don't do it.

    You have to break the cycle yourself and its a shame that you didn't have a better set of parents, but you didn't.

    Learn from their mistakes, don't make them yourself.

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    your 18 yrs.old and want to try new things you said. first thing first what you really want?if you want to end up the same with your parents then don't do any thing but if want to be a sucessful one you have to work hard on it. study and be patient ask god to help you and don't judge your father like that ,he is a loser.you have to respect your father that's one of the commanments of god. someday you will be a parent too, doyou like your kids to call you a loser too?

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    I would love to be like my parents. They have a wonderful marriage, and they have accomplished alot in life; + they have alot of money.

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