why does he hide behind the door?

there is this guy know.. that seems to have a serious problem with me. He IMs me online almost everyday. Talks alot about himself to me... personal things like he would to a good friend. But in class he completley ignores me. He goes talks to every person but me. I smile at him and he looks at me.. i answer his question that he asks and he looks at someone else and says .. "oh". like they answered it or something

He knows my 4th period.. and today he's passed by twice. taken a look inside and my teacher tells him to leave... he stays at this angle i cant see at my desk. I dont know.. i havent seen him.. its my friend in the class that told me he passed by.. I am so confused.. everything tells me he has this ' thing' for me but its unbelievable because i cant believe he would... and not talk to me in real life.. and when i look at his ex.. i CANT believe the thought AT ALL. im nothing like her..

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    He probably is really shy. He can let you know about himself on the computer but shy in person. Go up to him and say hi. Make him feel comfortable around you. He may be a little intimidated by you. Cause he knows your a nice girl and pretty in his eyes!

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    You are more than anybody on this planet, don't ever think otherwise... his ex might be cute, but if she's his ex it's because he wasn't happy with her... not everything is looks, u know. Try to talk to him or ask him when he IMs you online. I think he really likes you, but he is too shy to talk to you in person. On the other hand, on the computer, he has nothing to fear.

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    he obviously has a crush on u, cant stop looking at u and has hopes of u responding to it, on the other hand there are just weirdos that stalk u like that. maybe hes too scared to try and talk to u , most guys are because most girls turn them down bad and they cant take it. i wouldnt worry about the ex not being like u, usually they dont pick similar ones, maybe hes upgrading

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    this guy is seriously shy. when he ims you online ask him whats up? and why is he ignoring you in school. the only way to find out is asking him a direct question. If he refuses to talk to you about it, consider yourself lucky and dont worry about him anymore, life is full of heartaches, you dont need another. hope this helps.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Its because he's weird. Talk to him first and see what happens!!

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