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Jesus's real name is Yeshua?

is this true? thats what I read.


"Yeshua is the original Aramaic proper name for Jesus the Nazarene, who lived from about 6 B.C.E. to 27 C.E. (A.D.) The word "Jesus" is actually a mis-transliteration of a Greek mis-transliteration. The Emperor Constatine even mistook Jesus for Apollo, the son of the Greek god Zeus. In Hebrew Yeshua means Salvation while the name Jesus has no intrinsic meaning in English whatsoever. "

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    Yes, your source was correct.

    Don't worry about it though. God will still listen to you, even if you have trouble pronouncing His name correctly. He knows who is talking to Him, and who is not.

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    fairly close to to that, sure. one element for particular that a number of the solutions above favor to study is that the Jewish Messiah did no longer have a attractiveness transliterated from a Greek translation of the NT. 4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2fe would have had a Jewish call. the easily English transliteration of the Messiah's call must be Joshua. 4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2febrews 4:8 GNB If Joshua had given the human beings something that God had promised, God wouldn't have spoken later about yet another day. 4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2febrews 4:8 KJV For if Jesus had given them relax, then would he no longer later on have spoken of yet another day. 4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2febrews 4:8 KJV+ ForG4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f64f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f ifG4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f487 JesusG2424 had given them relax,G2664 G846 then would he notG4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f756(G4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f2) afterwardG4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f26 G54f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f24f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f have spokenG24f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f84f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f ofG44f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f2 anotherG244f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f day.G2254f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f G2424 ???????? Ie?sous ee-ay-sooce' Of 4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2febrew starting place [4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f]; Jesus (it somewhat is, Jehoshua), the call of our Lord and a couple of (3) different Israelites: - Jesus. Paul knew precisely who Messiah Yahsua actually changed into: H3091 Corinthians 4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2f:H3091-4 KJV (H3091) with the exception of, brethren, i'd not that ye must be ignorant, how that all our fathers were lower than the cloud, and all surpassed through the sea; (2) And were all baptized unto Moses contained in the cloud and contained in the sea; (H3091) And did all devour an identical non secular meat; (4) And did all drink an identical non secular drink: for they drank of that non secular Rock that followed them: and that Rock changed into Christ. 4f941ae76f20a393879d4166a5e14c2fe changed into the finished "i'm" of the OT.

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    Yes. Jesus is the Greek translation of the word Yeshua

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    I've seen it translated as Yeshe, Yeshua, or Yusef.

    His last name was probably Bar Yusef or Bar Yosef, "Bar" of course meaning "son of".

    All of this assumes that he was an actual historical personage as opposed to a mythological charactor. I tend to think he was historical, but there are serious people, who know far more about this subject than I ever will, who maintain that he was not actually a real person.

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    The "Y" sound is unsure...that is simply the way they assumed it is pronounced. But this is refering to the one of the names He has in the Old Testament or His Hebrew name.

    The way they pronounced the name of the Father is Yahway. Though this too is unsure of the pronounciation, as the Jews didnt speak the name of God.

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    It's the Hebrew name for Jesus.

  • The name of Jesus in Aramaic is Eashoa

    and they spaek aramaic during their time...

    Eashoa' = Jesus,

    please read the source....

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    This is the truth as it has been explained to me as well. And God's real name as nearly as they can figure it is Yahweh. It is quite confusing, however, because there were no vowels.

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    no way, Jose

    it's Hey Suse Kreest oh

    or El Grande Hefe

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    In the Bible it was found YHWH where there was no vowels so no one knew really how to pronounce it but its translated to Jehovah. Jesus' name is Jesus

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