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what are your top 5 TV shows of all time?

what are the 5 shows that really stand out in your mind from all time? and what are the shows you watch now that you just can't miss?


my favorite of all time are

1. i love lucy

2. the nanny

3. will and grace

4. friends

5. sex and the city

my favorite right now that i have to tivo this season:

1. grey's anatomy

2. biggest looser

3. days of our lives

4. SVU

5. ER

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    Rosanne, The Cosby Show, ER, Will and Grace & Ghost Hunters. That is just the tip of the tv show list...I like way to many to name! LOL

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    Hard to answer, are adult swim cartoons included? I won't include them...too many to name..

    In no particular order...

    - Seinfeld

    - King of Queens

    - Malcolm in the Middle

    - Tru Calling (I'm one of very few people who watched this show)

    - Crocodile Hunter

    There alot more that qualify for "all time" though...

    For now...I don't watch much tv...but here goes...

    - War at Home

    - Days of Our Lives (so addictive...I've stuck through all the horrible acting and storylines! I would include this in the "all time list")

    - My Name is Earl

    - Ugly Betty has lots of potential

    - Grey's Anatomy

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    Couldn't miss then:

    Medical Center, Mary Tyler Moore, Beauty & the Beast, Once and Again & The West Wing.

    Can't miss now:

    Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, House, Studio 60 & Hereos.

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    My favourite shows are

    Star Trek

    Dr Who


    My Name Is Earl

    Babylon 5

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    Homicide lIfe on the Street


    Northern Exposure

    Laste Show with David Letterman

    The Wire

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    1.Gilmore Girls

    2.Wife Swap


    4.America's Next Top Model

    5.Girls Next Door

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    Starman, Sentinel, Bones, Numb3rs, Denver the last dinosaur.

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    a million. Supernatural (no simple terms like the series) 2. Charmed (exciting...relaxing for the entire kinfolk) 3. reformatory ruin (cool series...) 4. lost (complicated yet adventurous) 5. that may no longer hassle-free...emm...One Tree Hill...(love the show!)

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    er,greys anatomy,nypd blue,law and order svu,everwood are my top 5 shows--what i just cant miss--er,greys anatomy,prison break,house,ghost whisperer--new show that looks promising,ugly betty

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    3.Flavor of love(Hate it but hilarious)

    4.Tough Enough

    5.Spiderman the animated series

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