MATH: Conversions of Area?

I need help understanding how to do these questions/what the answer is. Please help me!

(A) If the carpet you want costs $12 per square yard, how much does it cost per square foot?

(B)Padding is only $0.25 per square foot. The living room measures 10 feet by 4 yards. With the carpet in part (A), how much will it cost to pad and carpet your living room floor?

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  • raj
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    1 decade ago
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    A.1 yard=3 feet

    1 square yard=3*3=9 square feet

    cost of 1 square yard=$12

    cost of 1 square foot=12/9=$4/3

    B.area of the living room

    =4*3*10 square feet

    =120 square feet

    cost of the carpet=120*4/3=$160

    cost of padding=120*0.25=$30

    total cost=$160+$30=$190

  • Shaun
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    1 decade ago

    A yard equals 3 feet. So, 12/3 =4...$4 per ft^2.

    B. Again...convert yards to feet. 4 yards=12, it's 10x12ft. That equals 120ft^2 so...if it's $0.25 per ft^2 then multiply 120 and .25...which gives you, $30 for padding. For carpet...well, it's $4 x $480. 480 + 30 will give you $510 for the whole thing.

  • 1 decade ago

    You have to have apples and apples.

    Living room is 10 feet by 4 yard.

    10/3= 3.333 yard.


    Living room is 4 x 3.333=13.332 Sq. yard.............(1)


    Coast of carpet is = 12 x 13.332 = 159.984 round off $160


    1sq. yard is 3ft x 3 ft = 9 Sq. ft.

    since padding is sold by sq. foot

    1 sq yard or padding will cost 9 x .25 = 2.25 Sq yard.

    and the room is 13.332..................................from(1)

    so 13.332 X 2.25= 29.997 round off $30.

    Theoretical Value is

    $160=$30=$190 + tax.

    Real life:

    If both Carpet and the padding are available in 10 foot width then you are in luck, if the store is willing to cut the both items to the size required by you.

    It will cost $ 190/-

    If both come in different width then you will pay lot more and have to throw away some or keep it in storage for repair jobs.


    When you join the carpet you will need extra there too.


    I saw other answers and found most correct, some have rounded off some have not but most are within $1.00

    Shaun has made a big mistake.

  • 1 decade ago

    shaun, you want to rob them? your calculation is wrong. here is correct one.

    a) 1 square yard = 9 square feet.

    so, the carpet costs $12/9 per sq.foot. ~ $1.33

    b) 4 yards = 12 feet. so the area of the room is 12X10= 120 sq.feet.

    so, padding costs , 0.25x120 = $30

    and carpet costs 12/9x120=$160

    total = $190

    refer following url for easy conversions

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  • 1 decade ago

    A) 1 yard = 3 ft

    so we have to divide $12.00 by 3 = $4.00

    B) convert all the information into feet:

    10 feet by 12 feet

    to get the area you multiply 10x12= 120

    then by the cost 120 x $0.25 = $30

  • 1 decade ago

    3*3=9sq ft per sq yd so cost is 12/9 per sq ft or $1.333+.25(for padding)=$ 1.58 per sq ft. Room is 10 x 12 ft or 120 sq ft so $1.58*120 =$189.60 for materials

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