Myth or Theory I don't care just share...What have you heard about predicting the sex of your unborn?

Whether it's something that either of us has eaten prior to conception, Or position during sex, if u have doctor approved..or just something you read in a jinx article share your experiences, is there something done prior to conception that may determine what the sex of our baby? ~ An anxious father

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    You should check that chinese calendar thing some one else posted about. In every single one of mine and my friends' pregnancies it was right! Also we all just knew what we were having. In both my pregnancies my families argued with me b/c going by the old wives tales I should have had a girl when pregnant with my son and a boy when pregnant with my daughter.

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    All theories about predicting the gender of a child are absolute hogwash.

    They all contridict, and all those methopds to "influence" the sex

    of a baby are superstition.

    Carrying high or low is random. I carried all mine low including this one which the scan says is a girl. My sister carried 1 boy and 2 girls low out of 5, so that theaory is crap.

    The amount of hormones in your body during pregnancy differs for each one for my boys I had had heaps of pimples for this one i havent. So vixenMoms theory is myth.

    In fact from what I read so far there are some people and women desperate to believe they are getting the child they want, or just plain into fairy stories.

    The closest you can come to telling the sex of a child is via an ultrasound scan. Which is not a hundred percent guarenteed.

    Or you can reasonably say you are having say a boy if in your family histiory there is more males than females born but again no guarentee involved.

    With anything like the chinese calender prediction there will be a portion of sucessess after all, if you flip a deck of cards and guess the card before you will always get SOME right but it doesnt mean that you can predict the future.

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    If you are already expecting... the story goes like this:

    If she's carrying low and wide... it's a girl.

    If she's carrying high and compact... it's a boy.

    I had a son a year ago... and you couldn't tell I was pregnant from the back. I was carrying a basketball in my upper belly.

    Now I'm pregnant with a girl... and not only is it really low in my belly... but wide on the sides. From behind... you can see my love handles and know I'm pregnant.

    Oh yeah... one other thing. They say girls steal their mother's beauty... well, I've had some pimples and lots of bad hair days. With my son... my skin was glowing.

    Hope this helps. If nothing else... around week 16, you can probably tell from the sonogram.

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    sperm carrying the male making chromosome is weaker than the sperm carrying the female making chromosome, so if you had sex on the day the your wife or girlfriend was ovulating, chances are it could be a boy. On the other hand if you had sex 2 days before you wife of gf ovulated than chances are you would be having a girl, as girl making spermies are stronger and can live much longer. Thats what the "experts" say at least.

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    They say the father is the one that decides on the sex of a child...meaning his genes.

    I was also told that sex can be determined by how many of what sex the fathers dad fathered...does that make sense... i will try to dad had more brothers than sisters yet he fathered one of each, my ex husband had 5 sisters and no brothers but we had one of each...both my dad and my ex's first born was the same as their fathers,'s dad had a son first and so did my dad, my ex'es dad had a daughter first and so did ex.....

    the most accurate way is an amniosctheses (sp?) or a very good and lucky ultrasound

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    I've heard something about the direction the head of the bed faces. . .which is hard to determine if you don't know what bed your conceived in. . .we were on vacation, for instance, so I have no clue.

    There's a Chinese birth calendar that does something with the month of conception and the mother's age. In my case, it predicted a boy and that's what I had.

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    here is a link to some of the methods that some people use beforehand to try to determine the sex. This should help you figure out what you did, and what that means according to certain methods.

    Here's a link to some old wives tales that you can do, they are fun but are really only 50%accurate. See what they say about your baby.

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    Supposedly by my very country grandmother has told me, if the man is in control of the amount of sex and position then it will be a girl and the other way around. I have heard the bed position one also, I don't have any more to add to it but I have heard it.

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    well all i have heard is that if u carry all in the belly and low its a boy, and if you put on weight weight everywhere else and carry high its a girl.

    i have also used some chinese calendar that goes by month and age at time of conception for me it was correct on both pregnancies.

    e.g: i was 22 and i concieved in february so i was having a boy i had a boy in december.

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    Your having a girl!!! The only real way to know what you are having is by an ultrasound after20 weeks pregnant.All those things of predicting the sex are myths.But mark my words your having a girl.

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