*Sick Puppy, Advice anyone?!* :(?

So I've got a 3 month old Maltese,perfectly healthy. She's begun throwing up all of her food within the last 15 minutes. The last 2 days I noticed she wasn't devouring her food as usual. I'm paranoid because I had a puppy die of Parvo less than a year ago (don't worry, different house/furniture). Could it be just an upset stomach? Help please, I worry easy. And don't tell me to take her to the vet, bc I intend to first thing in the morning. Just need advice. Thanks :)


She's up to date on her shots, in fact she was just at the Vet on Friday.

Update 2:

I've removed her water & food bowl, she drank some water before I took it away and vomitted it. Then she also threw up some yellow liquid. Help. I'm not panicked,just concerned. Thanks for all ur advice.

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    Just relax, put her in a quiet place with newspaper to poop on and a towel to sleep on until the morning when you can get her to the vet. Let her sleep.It helps her heal.If she is UTD on shots it could very well be just an upset stomach but with a little pup that young you dont want to take chances..I would get her checked....You didnt mention bloody or runny stools so thats good'Have you recently Changed her food? Try not to worrry Its probably not Parvo,But It Does need to be checked....I'll keep my fingers crossed for you

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    The yellow substance is probably bile.

    Tell this all to your vet, but he will ask questions, he will probably want to do an x-ray looking for a blockage. So far you have done everything correct. don't give her anymore to eat! obviously when she drinks she will throw it up but you can try a very limited amount of water every 12 hours or so, start small and if it stays down you can give the same amount more frequently. Being that you are going to the vet in the morning that isn't really important at this point...i doubt is is any disease. the vet has the facilities to test her and tell.

    I doubt it is just an upset stomach.

    Don't worry you are taking the proper measures. Just keep an eye on her.

    Good luck and please tell me what happens.


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    She may have over eaten. She may just have an unset tummy. Did she maybe eat some grass? this will also cause this. You can give dogs small amounts of pepto bismal safely. Just try to relax. Look in your phone book for the nearest emergency vet clinic. Have the location and phone # handy in case you really need to take your pup. Dogs do occasionally just get upset tummys like humans. Dont panic as this will just upset your puppy. console her and keep an eye on her. The vet in the morning is a good plan, if she isnt totally normal by then.

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    Do you have a rectal thermometer? If her temperature is over 101, she has a fever and probably an intestinal infection. Has her diet been altered? Was she fed any dairy ( many small breed dogs are allergic to dairy)? Give her 1/2 tsp. Pepto-Bismol with an eye dropper and don't feed her any more food before seeing the vet, but make sure she's getting plenty of water (if not, use the eye dropper for that, too). She shouldn't be allowed to get dehydrated. Good luck.

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    HMMM..One of our dogs ( a chihuahua /poodle mix) has pancreitis and when he eats something that upsets his stomach ( such as chicken) he vomits yellow foamy liquid .The vet said it was bile, and we have to be careful what we feed him.He can only have beef dog and vegetable dog food.Maybe your pup has the same thing?I hear that small breeds tend to get it more than larger ones.If so, it shouldn't be life -threatening if you moniter his food.

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    don't feed her till you get to the vet. No water either. Is she vaccinated? this is more of a concern with parvo than anything. Check her whole body that she does not have a tick, it is tick season now (if u are in Aus). If she does, remove tick and take her to vet immediately, do not wait till morning. Otherwise, open her mouth gently and see if there is anything stuck, if so, it's off to the vet asap. Don't worry, just keep her calm and keep an eye on her.

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    If she continues to throw up - and being a pup - I might consider taking her the pet emergency hospital. Although, if she can keep water down - or you can even give her unflavored pedialyte (baby drink for babies with diarihhea and vomitting)and she can keep pedialyte down - then she will be okay to see the vet tom. You just don't want her to get dehydrated - small dogs and pups can dehydrate very easily.

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    Hi There,

    Pls don't worry, I have 2 hounds i've gone thru may upset tummies. Only give some water for the night and if you choose call the vet' tommorro don't panic' relax ... rub the belly and comfort helps too, dogs are very smart they want their companion to cuddle them.. good luck and relax.

    A dog lover!

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    i had one my pit puppies do this i thought is was parvo but we took it to the vet and it turned out it just hook worms so it just might be that it has hook worms what i found that works the best is a heart worm med i don't remember what the name is but that is what the vet gave me it. i hope that this has helped in some way

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    Because she is a smaller breed just take her into the vet A.S.A.P!!! It will save you the headache for later, I know I have a little one too.

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