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Serious Questions DOCTORS PLZZZEWhy do some woman urinate during sex ?

How is it possible to urinate during sex without knowing ?


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    Dont worry. Just pe*e before you start any activity and force all the u*rine out of your bladder. And when having sex dont let him bang you for too long. After 4-5 minutes, take it out once and then re insert if you/he wants more.

    If you are afraid you will pee the next time, simply dont re insert and give him a BJ.

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    If you are referring to a gush of clear liquid that happens sometimes during sex : it's not urine, it's a liquid produced by the Skeenes Gland inside the body" near" the urethra ( wear pee comes from), it comes out during a super orgasm and usually startles the person and they think they pee'd. Only women who are really in tune with their body know about this release of fluid and know that it is normal.

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    it rather is exhilaration, dude. After the 1st couple of situations, intercourse would not harm for women until eventually you're doing it incorrect. And whilst it does harm, we are lots extra probable to circulate 'Ow, end that, it hurts'.

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    I'm not a doctor but i am a nursing student! Sounds like a muscle control problem! See a doctor, it can probably be fixed!

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    Are you sure it was urine, you might have hit your G-spot.

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    because it is an uncontrolled muslce reaction in the body.

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    i have heard of this happening.

    see your doctor to see what can be done

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