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are there any asian guy/white woman couples here?

please say so. tell me its possible. and that it happens.

i must believe!

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    Well, my Chinese-Vietnamese son is happily married to a catalog example of a Norwegian. 6 years, two great kids.

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    Ok, you're not going to like this, but I'm going to drop some hard truths on you...

    For women, the instinct is to marry "up" and that means, generally, white. Sorry, but it's true (and I don't like it either, but its true).

    In fact, the instinct for all races is to stay within their own race. I'm not saying everyone, I'm saying it's an instinct.

    The difference is if the women are in a social structure in which men of their own race seem less desirable...less money, less social status etc.

    Thus non-white women have LESS (not ZERO, but LESS) problem marrying outside their race if the relationship is seen as a "step up."

    Men of course, have less of a problem all around as men are expected in general to be the source of economic stability. However, they will generally get the most attractive woman they can.

    However, white women, in american society, generally have no place to go but "down" (notice I use quotes).

    So, it is possible, but generally, it would have to be a white woman of relatively lesser economic background and an asian man of high economic status.

    Or you could always find a crazy *****. It happens too.

    Good luck!

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    One of my best friends is a white chick and she is dating a guy from Louse. I don't know where Louse is but they plan on getting married next year and are very happy. I have seen it other times too, but more often it's a white dude with an Asian chick. Good luck though.

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    My neighbor 2 doors down is White and married to a Japanese man.

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