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What percent of their net income do most French spend on mortgage/rent?

In California its about half your income.

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    That depends on the region (in Paris it s gonna be a lot more - despite the fact that you d also earn more- than in Normandie etc...) as housing prices vary a lot.

    Further more it depends on how much you earn so it s very hard to tell but I d definetly say that it s less than 50% (Paris probably states an exception, at least if you re living in a nice area). In comparison to other European nations, housing costs are rather low (e.g. in Germany, it often is more than 50% at least if you re living in a nice area in its south) so I d estimate it at about 30%.

    Source(s): have been living in France and am still going there regularly
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    I'm not sure if it's 30% or 33% as a max, that being to repay a mortgage or simply a rent. I was on 30% for a certain time and that was hard.

    50% seems ridiculously high, I don't know if you'd have much left to eat or clothe yourself after you've paid taxes and all the bills.

    Perhaps the food budget is the key here, the french spend comparatively more on food .

    Source(s): I live there
  • 4 years ago

    the reality is it relies upon on what component of the international you reside in. In some elements rents are more beneficial than others. It also relies upon on in the experience that your utilities are protected or no longer. 25% is the universal quantity, yet that would nicely be practically no longer conceivable on one income in some elements.

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    In France, for most owners, you have to be able to justify a monthly income of one third your rent . Dunno about mortgages.

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