how far will an ex go?

if you totally, i mean totally ignore your ex, he is obviously angry because he is talking bad about you even though you didn't cause the breakup, i am just curious, to what extremes will an ex go to get on your nerves, mine is so immature, i find it really amusing, i'd like for someone to share their experiences with me, maybe it would give a heads up on what he will do next to provoke me, even though he is wasting his time.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Not my experience but a friend..

    When she wanted to break up with him he threatened to kill himself, once she finally broke it off, he came to her the following week with a broken arm telling her that it was her fault he did that to himself (he did it on purpose for sympathy). Over the next few weeks he was calling her non stop and harassing family members of her whereabouts and following her places. Evenually he left her alone for a while and for some reason they ended up back together and he proposed... obviously the marriage ended after only a few months as he was always abusing himself for her attention. Weird! God luck with your ex.

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    1 decade ago

    My bf's ex gf started stalking both of us. She showed up at his apartment, started iming me saying that he was cheating on me, went on his AIM and email and deleted everything, had a friend of hers follow us around campus, and to this day, 2 years later, still checks our Myspace sites (we know thanks to Trakzor). People are crazy...

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