the poor and democrats should not support the corporate media pushed boycott of citgo because?

The poor and democrats should support and buy more Citgo gas. Chavez cares much more about the poor of this country and his own company than Bush ever did. Do you agree with any of the following reasons?

A large part of the profits from Citgo gas (owed by Venezuela) goes to help the poor.

Chazev has used oil and gas profits to give free health care, food, housing, to help the many poor of his country. He has funded literacy programs to boost the literacy rates to nearly 100%.

As you pump your gas, consider would you rather your money actually go to help poor and starving people or to the Saudi who behead their citizens and use oil profits to enhance the decadence of their palaces.

The Bush administration just cut 50 Billion dollars to all kinds of social programs in December in the "Reverse Robin Hood" bill. This included programs for housing, food, vets, education, child support enforcement, health care and many other things.


Is that caring about the poor when you turn around three weeks later and cut 70 Billion in taxes for the rich who don't need them.

Especially if you believe in caring for the "least among us"--will you use your money to support poor, hungry people living in little shacks or the billionaires needing to buy another car or trip to


Consider this, Chazev sent MORE money and aid to help than poor in the Katrina disaster than ANY other country..He had so many portable hospitals, doctors, generators, and tons of free gas, food, and water and did it before any other country too,..while Bush sat around while people died...and also refused the aid from Chavez because he doesn't like him.

Do you think Bush's personal grudges should supercede desperate people dying for lack of medical care, dying for a drink literally, starving, crying kids in the arenas, people walking for lack of gas on the hot pavement with no water, people sobbing who lost EVERYTHING etc.

Update 2:

Who cared for those poor people more..Chavez or Bush?

Also consider this, Chavez has started programs in THIS country to help the poor in THIS country to pay for gas/oil by cutting out the middleman which shaves over a dollar a gallon off gas.

Update 3:

He has recently expanded his pilot programs and eventually hope for them to spread. Can you imagine how dangerous the mega rich gas companies much hate and fear him...cutting into their profits like that.

These gas ceo's and corporations gouge us every day,,,do you want to help them boost their HUGE salaries and billion dollar profits when your money could be going to help people who desperately need help, especially after the record breaking Republican budget cuts start to hit home..

Now there is a campaign by the corporate Republicans owed media to get Americans to boycott Citgo..and 7-11 has stopped selling their gas..Why because they know they can manipulate those people who think "my country right or wrong" who will do and believe whatever they are told, who are such sheep. They know they can---get them to feel patriotic..well, patriotic is wanting to make your country do better. The priorites are out of whack when the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Update 4:

If you support the rich men, Christian right, you will be included in that "harder to get through the eye of a needle" thing....for God does not play favorites and He loves the poor..the Bible says so often and tells us he will punish those who hurt the poor.

And why this boycott (supposedly so they tell us) because Chavez called our "so dearly loved president" a devil..well, that is calling a spade a spade..what would you call someone who poisons a country till the end of time with depleted uranium and takes from the poor who are already giving their sons and daughter to die and be maimed to give to the rich who sacrifice nothing.. urge those of good conscience to not only not boycott, but buy more or exclusively from least while you see you money going down the gas tank, you can have a little silver lining knowing you are helping poor people struggling


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    I doubt if most of these people even read your reasons..they read a few sentences and responded with their preconceived views.

    Republicans are like that. Why do you think the professors and intellectuals are 7 xs more likely to be liberals. It is because liberal think,. are open-minded, reflect on issues.

    Since more of them tend to be gifted, they have a tendency to see the nuances and to see the big picture. This kind of right brained, holistic thinking and concern for humanitarian problems is reflected in how they vote and how they see the world..they see the grey and not all black and white.

    |The right (almost all of them I know) support Bush no matter what he matter how much he screws up the country. They have a tendency to be closed-minded and ignore the many bad things Bush does....while ignoring the good other people do


    Hugo Chazev was democratically elected by his people because he vowed to use oil profits to pull his country out of poverty..the Saudis never do things like that.

    Isn't it ironic how they claim they are spreading democracy while having a history of coups and assassinations for DEMOCRATICALLY elected leaders. Judging other leaders faults or atrocities while ignoring their own leaders. Hypocrites whether in politics or religion.

    Hugo did a heck of a lot more for his people especially the poor Katrina ones than Bush ever did..I agree with you..

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    "A large part of the profits from Citgo gas (owed by Venezuela) goes to help the poor."

    I guess you have never hear of a TAX WRITE-OFF or PR. ALL big companies do these things. The purpose is twofold -- to pay as little taxes as possible and to sway weak-minded individuals to their favor.

    Do not believe this hype, support the boycott at

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    Your question is to long, however I agree, I am actually glad that somebody is standing up to the neo-con government in the U.S. I didn't see you mention the pay raise for congress while turning down the minimum wage raise. The repuke's are a real peace of work and it is to bad that Chavez can't come and run this country as he is doing a great job in his. I will buy gas at Citgo, it is the closest station to me and is usally $.02 cheaper then any other in town.

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    The profits from Citgo do not go to poor in Venezuela. It is American owned & run by CEO Felix Roderiuz. To buy off Chavez they gave 100 million in oil to poor in Venezuela, a drop in the bucket of profit money. Many believe Chavez is pulling their strings by controlling their oil supplies.

    His help to the poor was to allow them to become squatters by

    stealing empty buildings from their owners. It did not cost him anything to let them steal others property. He is a criminal & always has been.

    He is trying to take the blame off of himself for his failing goverment by blaming President Bush & America for all of his problems.

    I will walk before I buy gas froma company that buys gas from someone who talks about my country like that. He can drink his oil for all I care.

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    You don't have a clue. You swallow that democratic class warfare crap hook, line, and sinker. Every tax payer in this country had their taxes reduced, every tax payer received a $300 refund. The top 1% of income earners pay 70% of the tax burden in the country. If you support Chavez you are supporting a communist dictator who used the army to gain power. That sounds just like the kind of guy a democrat would love. If liberal Yankee dip shits wouldn't whine every time we want to drill for oil, we could tell Chavez to pound sand.

    A Texan.

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    If you had any of what you said right, or if any of what you said was true; i would buy citgo forever, but; you don't, and it is not true. Chavez is a horrible little man who treats his own people terribly, he doesn't give rat crap about you, and is just spending a tiny little bit in order to sell more of his crappey oil to suckers.. GWB did everything right in La except he expected those dopey democrats landrew and neigan to do thier jobs. When they didn't bush was the man who got it done,, You sorry little bitches who whine and hate need to go crawl back into your caves and leave america to the real men

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    Chavez is a thug. He only cares about making a name for himself ans getting noticed on the world scene. He is exploiting the poor.

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    ok, I am sure the people of his county are all rich, they all have rights and protection under the law.

    Oh thats right, all of his people are super poor, live in a police state basicly. If you accept him buying peoples love by giving away alittle money and oil in the US you are merely falling for a dog and pony show,

    Actually see what his governent does to its own people and see what a great man he is.

    But of course liberals as of late seem to support terrorist and dictators over the American peoples needs

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    I'll keep paying my taxes for you libs to pay for all these social programs so America hating Dictators don't have to.

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