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What is the part called that sits between the rear axle and the leaf spring in a truck?

There is a part welded to my rear axle that bolts onto the bottom of my leaf spring. What is that part called?


I figured out that the part is called a Spring Perch. Thanks for everyone's help.

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    If the truck is stock, it is usually called a spring pad or spring seat. This part is a formed metal bracket that is welded to the axle tube, and frequently the shocks are bolted to them. However, if the truck has been "jacked up", one of the common ways to do this is to add spacers between the spring pad and the spring. These spacers are generally just blocks, and in most of the kits they are made of some sort of plastic. I have seen other materials used also.

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    It is a "Spring Perch" also called a spring pad.

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    spring pad

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    the part that i beleeve you are refering to would be the spring pad. there is one on each side.

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    If I am not mistaken it is called a differential.

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