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Baby girl names...which one out of the options?

Scarlett, Madison, Astrid, or Wendy (wendy would be after my mother)

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    Scarlett is pretty......Madison is Sooooo overdone these days, too common....Astrid??? don't know about that one. Wendy is my sister's name...and I named her that when I was 4 years old. My mom likes to tell the story..."Let's call her Wendy"......I think it's nice to name after your sister's middle name is Christine....Good luck!!

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    How about all 4! Wendy Madison Astrid Scarlett Whatever your last name is!

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    I adore Madison. I have a little cousin with that name and she is a cutie. When I think of Scarlett, the Scarlett Letter comes to mind. Astrid, astronomy. And Wendy is the name of a girl I can't stand.

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    I don't like Astrid, and Madison is cute, but way too common now. She'd be forever known as Madison S. (or whatever her last name starts with), and she'll be in class with Madison A., Madison B., and Madison C.

    I think that Wendy Scarlett sounds nice together. They're both names that I considered, but had a boy.

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    Madison... then Wendy. Don't like Astrid or Scarlett.

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    Scarlett is a pretty name and not too common. I wouldn't mind being named after Scarlett O'Hara. 'Gone With The Wind' is such a classic movie!

    I really like the name Madison, even though it is common. Must be popular for a reason! Maddie makes a cute nickname, too.

    Astrid is unique. The only drawback I see is if little boys tease and call her as-

    Wendy would be sweet to name after your mother. If it is short for Gwendolyn, I really like the name Gwen!

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    Madison sound like a mad person, Astrid sounds like astray. Either Scarlett or Wendy

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    Is Wendy short for Gwendolyn?

    There are LOADS and LOADS of Madisons. I know at least 5 little girls names Madison, ages ranging from 9 to 3 yrs old. You might want to stay away from Madison. It's way too common. You want somewhat of a unique name for your daughter.

    I looked up the meanings of those names:

    Wendy - wanderer (Old German); fair (Old English)

    Astrid - star, super strength, divine strength (Greek, Old Norse)

    Scarlett - deep red (Middle English)

    With the name meanings taken into consideration, I would choose Astrid, then Wendy (your mom would be honored!!!).


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    Honestly I don't care for any of them. Scarlett is prettiest I think. Astrid doesn't sound like a name.

    OOps I didn't see Madison in there. Thats the nicest, but it's also very common right now.

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    I think Madison it the best. Scarlett is to sultry, Astrid is like something from the Jetsons and Wendy is to plain.

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