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I have a question about children vaccines?

my child had the mmr vacine (measels mumps and rebbela) the paper they gave me on it says that it takes 7-12 days for problems to occur however for 2 days now he has had a fever of 102 along with coughing and runny nose could this be related to the shot or just a cold?

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    Definitely related to the shot.

    Do not get vaccinated. There is no scientific proof that the theory of vaccination is valid, yet there is considerable proof that Vaccines cause illness and death.

    Just sit back and think about it for a while. Does it feel like sense to inject a disease directly into your bloodstream?

    The Vaccination Hoax

    A Detailed history of vaccination

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    There can be immediate symptoms. Is he/she crying in a high, whinney cry that you have not heard before? Is the injection site swollen and tender? There are lots of things that can go wrong with these shots, that I think the public health system should tell you about. But they won't, even when asked directly sometimes. There are books out about adverse reactions, and the one I still have is called " shot in the dark". Fascinating. Lots of web sites too. Look for a woman named Vera Scheibner, and what she has to say. I saw her speak live.

    Anyway, I don't think it is related, based on how often reactions can occur. It is just too much of a coincidence. Take him/her to the doctor to get checked.

    Source(s): look up vaccine adverse reactions.
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    I would call the doctors office. It may be a cold, but sometimes there is an immediate reaction. at least that is the story of my children. They were just to treat it with tylenol and motrin but your doctors office should be able to answer this better

    Source(s): experience with my children
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    maximum docs will propose the two the generic flu shot and the swine flu shot. Mine did, yet he additionally reported that information nonetheless teach extra human beings loss of life from the generic flu than the swine flu and the only reason each and every physique is so freaked out by potential of the swine flu is because of the fact it rather is a clean virus and it did not circulate away in the process the summer season. I plan on taking my young ones in for the generic flu mist (i think of my youngest has to get the shot nonetheless), yet i would be unable to be taking them in for the swine flu shot.

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    sounds like the shot to me.......I was very particular about my kids vaccines. I would call the doctor if hes not better in a few days!

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    you should take this kid to a professioal, like a doctor or a druggist.

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