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Men with erections in locker rooms -- is that really a common thing?

Before I came on this site, I never realized that men worried much about having erections while showering or dressing/undressing in locker rooms. All the time I was in school or even now when using a men's locker room, I can't say that I ever really was seriously concerned about it. What are your thoughts?

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    Very funny question.I played rugby for many years never heard of one or seen one (i don't look at other man genitalia) in the showers.I don't know what they do in football change rooms.Be careful of what you hear.

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    i might say very uncommon. i've got in easy terms seen one guy with an erection, despite the fact that I went on a daily basis to the wellness club for years and years. That replace right into a baby, too, possibly 18 or so. on the Y I frequented, quite everyone replace into nude each and every of the time interior the locker rooms, that replace into the place the saunas and warm tub have been additionally, and those have been all used nude and in no way observed all of us with something plenty greater desirable than slighly engorged. could desire to be greater hardship-unfastened in extreme college or center college gyms, yet did no longer be conscious any whilst i replace into at school

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    Gotta be a pretty common thing...mann, some of the stories I've heard about our football team...


    This kid Kenny, he had an erection while taking an ice bath for his hip injury...I didn't even know it was possible to get one in ice cold water?

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    NO, That isnt normal. Men that get erections around other men in public showers have names. We call them Gay

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