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Address bar?

I've Gone to

View, Toolbars, and then clicked on Address Bar

And I still have no address space to type in an address. The bar appears, and in the far left of that bar I have the word address writen in faintly, but I cannot left click it or make it usuable.

Any more ideas?


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    Yeah! You have a toolbar hijacker! Uninstall some of them so called browser helpers and that dumass software associated with them you thought was free! Run your adware removal tools! If your lucky, you may not have to dig through 25 pages of registry entries and manually remove them!

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    Is the line where the Address bit now appears quite full with other options / parts of toolbars? If so you may just need to either remove some of the others which would clear some space or move the address bar to a different line. If you can't click on it or move it, your toolbar may be locked. To unlock it go into View, the Toolbars, then at the bottom of the menu there will be an option 'Lock Toolbars' if this has a tick next to it your toolbars are locked. Click it to unlock them and you should now be able to move the address line to a less cramped line or to it own line.

    Hope this helps

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    If you dont see your address bar on IE, click on view - then Toolbars - Address bar.

    Your address bar will be back to where it was earlier. I hope this resolves your issue.

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    right click on the the bar area, then left click on lock toolbar to unlock the toolbar, then you will be able to drag your address into a open space. then right click again & left click on toolbar to lock toolbar.Your good to go!

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    Try to restart your computer and try it again. (View --> Toolbar --> Address Bar)


    Go to microsoft .com

    Then, download internet explorer and install the explorer back.

  • 4 years ago

    strategies then sparkling history. Then on your bigger left of the Yahoo gadget bar there's a yellow icon that appears like pencil. click on it then click on sparkling history. in case you have Explorer 7 click on strategies, bypass to internet thoughts then bypass to an icon appears like clock, click on delete then a drop down menu seems click on sparkling all.

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    uninstall / reinstall IE

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