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I really can't wait to have a child with my future husband one day, but?

I'm REALLY scared to have one! It sounds so painful and long and oh my goodness, I'm as scared to have one as I am to go to the dentist. Is it all that bad?

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    Just remember this one word, and make sure you have the paperwork signed in advance so there's no question when you need it - EPIDURAL. Labor pains are excruciating, but the epidural takes it all away. Oh, and I waited over ten years in between dental visits. (And no cavities!)

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    No your not being bad everyone has those feelings But you dint need to be scared some deal with pain better then others i had no pain with my delivery or with my cont rations so it was fine with me. But even if you do have some pain you forget all about it once your baby is born. It is wonderful having a baby.

    Oh and Get an epidural That does work wonders i was scared of the pushing pain so i got some my doc said i really did not need it bc i was at an 8 but he gave me a little ne way so Get that and you wont feel no pain at all.

    well Good luck. i did not get my epidural until i was 8 cm but like i said b4 i really did not needed but i wanted it ne way.

    well good luck

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    It hurts but think of it this way after it's over you'll have a beautiful baby. You don't getting anything when going to the dentist. Seriously it's worth the pain you go through. And now they have all sorts of pain medicine. I slept through my son's birth. They had to wake me up to push. When you ge pregnant and find a Doctor you can ask about all the different kinds of pain medicine or perhaps by then you'll have decide to do it natural. Good Luck on your future husband and baby.

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    Whats with all this epidural only get it if your not dilated enough and everything is normal. If your close to 10 cms then pretty much forget it unless you have back labor.

    My first kid was 10 hours long, no pain medicine.

    Second was 6 hours long, but back labor, epidural then.

    Epidural is sure nice, but I wouldnt recommend just taking it because the pain is "oh so bad." Epidural is nice, Im 6 mos along with my third son, if i have another back labor, ill be sure to get one, but ill opt for no pain medication if i dont have back labor.

    With my first son, after the birth, it didnt seem like 10 hours long, i was overwhelmed with feelings of all sorts and the labor was nothing afterwards.

    Its worth it, dont be scared, im sure you will be, but the pain will never replace the feelings you have for your baby when you first see him/her.

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    I gave birth naturally (no pain meds of any kind) and although it was painful... and I certainly wouldn't want to do it everyday!... it wasn't nearly as bad as other mothers made it sound. I was terrified by the horrendous stories of other women... but it ended up not being so terrible after all. It isn't easy... but nowadays there are pain relievers... epidurals, etc. that make it virtually painless from what I hear. And just think of it this way... if so many women have done it before you... you can do it too!!

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    Its really not that bad. I was just like you scared to death of the pain, but its not bad at all and I am not one for pain. All I have to say is make sure you get an EPIDURAL, best thing in the world you can't feel anything..

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    I think I am more afraid of the dentist. I know when I go to the dentist he will find many things wrong and I will have to go again and again to his office and indure shots and pain. At least with the baby when it is time to deliver it will be a one time deal all done in one visit.

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    yeah i used to be the same but dont worry, you deal with the pain when you come to it and we all seem to get through it. All i say is that epidurals are amazing. Dont worry about the pain its really not as bad as the horror stories you might hear. Sure it hurts but you deal with it at the time and dont have time to think about the pain when you are in labour as you are trying to catch your breath through contractions. Seriously it is fine and i would do it again and again and again for more babies, its such an amazing thing and you will be so proud of yourself.

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    Don't have a C-section if you're a singer, as it destroys your abdomin muscles, which you need to support your voice in proper singing.

    So anyway, there's a lot of things to ask yourself about bringing a person in the world, do you have the financial capacity to give them a life you'd like? Do you have the ability to raise them? Have you had a happy life? It should prove difficult to instruct your children on how to live happily if you haven't lived happily yourself.

    As well, if you have any mind to theology, you're also creating a person who could possibly be subject to the question of the nature of existance and morality, and while I'm not making any suggestions to any particular idea, there is the possibility, if certain ideas are true, that you could be creating a person that would end up in hell. Personally I don't understand much as to the nature of heaven and hell, but it is something to consider.

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    Well I have been same way, but believe it or not, your body is made to have children, so your body will make changes for that to happen. And I think some women make it out to be more

    than it really is because they are the ones that have bad experiences, and alot of that has to do with your doctor, how they treat you and if they are really into helping you cope with your pain tolerence.

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