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laptop battery?

i have a toshiba satelite, and they say dont overcharge a laptops barrery, but if my battery isf ully charged and im on ac power, is that still considered bad, and only charge full then discharge...?

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    firstly, the statement "don't overcharge battery" is actually a mis-nomer

    "charge then deep discarge" too another mis-nomer

    first, about overcharge:

    it is ONLY possible 2 overcharge if you are using a wrong ac adaptor or power supply

    with factory supplied power adaptors this should not happen ! they have a built-in cut-off switch which stop charging the batteries, once charged & only power u'r notebook, when running on ac adaptors

    the cut-off switch monitors charge in batteries & deliver power to them according to charge level in batteries., boost for full charge to battery

    trickle for low charge to battery

    stop for no charge to battery

    HENCE, only ensure u using factory supplied adaptor !

    charge fully then discharge:

    notebook batteries have come a long long way

    even the present day lithium ion battery has evolved since the earlier lithium ion batteries

    charge to weight or charge to volume ratio !

    earlier nickel metal hydride batteries were used & technology was at infancy ... maybe these statements were true then ... no more

    typically, notebook batteries start loosing the amount of charge they are able to hold after a year or two & once the decline sets in the steeper is the decline, the fewer the cells ie. rate of decline of a 6 cell is much faster than a 9 cell

    plz lemme know if i can help any further

    Source(s): i am a plant engineer & have to deal with different battery types & a whole battery bank consisting of hundreds of batteries for industrial ups, besides ofcourse notebooks & notebook batteries
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    no ur using the electric plug that's stuck to ur wall' if ur using the battery then it'll sow it's on battery power.but if it wont charge later on when u need to charge it..make sure you take out the battery and let it stay for like 30 sec. and then put it back on the laptop.. and your laptop be fine..

    Source(s): own experience
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