The Ascension of Jesus as described in the Gospels, what do you think? please advise me..?

The gospel of Mark: Early copies make no differences between the Resurrection and the Ascension. The gospel ends with the message given by an angel :”He has risen” (Mark. 16:6)

[3.The term “risen” meant for Jews, that Jesus, the Messiah was returned to God. All other souls, good or bad suffered in the underworld of the ‘Sheol’ until the day of Judgment when they would receive their body back.]

In later versions of a different ending is found. All Bible scholars agree now that Mark 16:9-20 were later added by the church fathers.

The gospel of Matthew: The Ascension is not mentioned. The story ends with the promise of Jesus: “I am with you always to the close of the age.” (Matthew 28:20)

The gospel of Luke: In some versions of Luke’s gospel the following text is found: “While He blessed them, He parted from them. Other versions add: “and was carried up in heaven.”

The gospel of John: No Ascension is mentioned

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    The differences between the Gospels is that each writer was writing for a specific purpose, and to specific audiences. Another thing to consider is this. When people witness an accident, and they tell their story to the police, each one may tell a different version of the same story. These together paint a larger picture. Some may omit what others saw, and others may contribute what others didn't.

    This is why they are different. Matthew, Mark, and Luke are called Synoptic Gospels, because they are similar, whereas John's is quite different. John wrote as to why his was different. He wanted to contribute what the others had not. "But these have been recorded so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and so that through believing you may have life in his name." (John 20:31)

    Now, as to the comment about the last 12 verses in Mark: Although these have been disputed by some, I can tell you quite confidently that they are indeed Scripture from the hand of God. His fingerprints are all over it.

    There are 175 (7 x 25) words in the Greek text of Mark 16:9-20. Curious. These words use a total vocabulary of 98 different words (7 x 14), also an exact multiple of seven. That's also rather striking.

    The chance of two numbers both being divisible by 7 exactly is one in 72, or one in 49. (This is a convenient simplification; some mathematical statisticians would argue the chance is one in 91) This still might be viewed as an accidental occurrence, or the casual contrivance of a clever scribe. But let's look further. The number of letters in this passage is 553, also a precise multiple of seven (7 x 79). This is getting a bit more tricky. The chance of three numbers accidentally being precisely divisible by seven is one in 73, or one in 343. This increasingly appears to be suspiciously deliberate.

    As we examine the vocabulary of those 98 (7 x 14) words: 84 (7 x 12) are found before in Mark; 14 (7 x 2) are found only here. 42 (7 x 6) are found in the Lord's address (vv.15-18); 56 (7 x 8) are not part of His vocabulary here.

    This is, conspicuously, not random chance at work, but highly skillful design.

    Try constructing a passage in which both the number of words and the number of letters are precisely divisible by seven (with no remainder)! The random chance of a number being precisely divisible by 7 is one chance in seven. In seven tries, there will be an average of six failures.

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    Being that all 4 of the gospels are different,and portray Christ differently,they have 4 different views of His Ascension.To me,it's that simple.It's also very real,because,when I went on a church group tour to Israel 7 years ago,1 of the places we visited was the rock quarry tomb where he was buried,and it was empty,as the gospels confirm.

    Source(s): The Bible(mainly the New Testament),and,my 1999 Israel group tour photos.
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    The Ascension of Jesus Christ is covered in Acts 1:8-11.

    Not sure what your question is, or what you are looking for. None of the passages you cite contradict each other, in case that's where you are going with this..

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    I think that if heaven is not in the sky, ascension makes no sense. Was Jesus taking a tour of the solar system first?

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    human beings did not have low-priced paper and ball-component pens in those days, so no, there became no diary. yet each and every physique recalls significant activities of their lives. each and every mom i understand, inclusive of me, recalls the delivery of each and every infant. it is not precisely "forgettable" innovations. in accordance to Sacred custom, Mary advised Luke in regards to the concept and delivery of Jesus, it is recorded in his gospel. (Luke became a well-being care provider and a historian, so he prided himself on getting information real). i can't bear in strategies off the ideal of my head how Matthew have been given his innovations. Neither Mark nor John checklist something in regards to the delivery of Christ -- you have *examine* those gospels, have not you? in case you don't understand the small print of your delivery, you may desire to ask you mom. My childrens beg me to tell them the memories of their delivery each and every of the time. i'm sorry your loved ones is not extra communicative, in spite of the undeniable fact that it is quite relaxing for infants to pay attention approximately how they made their way into the international. My son thinks it is humorous that he took his own candy time and then got here rapid, yet he's taking maximum delight in understanding he became the 1st organic and organic relative my husband had ever everyday. It became an rather important adventure for the two one in all them and not one we'd ever forget approximately, nevertheless it wasn't recorded in any diary. My elder daughter loves the actuality that she became born rapid and hence became on the instant eye-catching (lots of toddlers get somewhat squished observing the way out and it takes a pair days for them to leap lower back). My youngest is conscious that she wasn't waiting to be born and that i wasn't waiting help her come out, and that there became a disaster, yet we've been the two positive. and because her call skill "victory," it quite is a stunning tale for her to understand. Having been by way of such an astonishing delivery journey, Mary truthfully could have been at risk of tell Jesus. If He did not already understand, being God and all.

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    Absolute rubbish. How high can you jump.

    It would need an escape velocity of 18000 mph to clear earth's gravity. That would kill any man not in a spacecraft never mind the lack of oxygen.

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    if they added in mark did they also add it in acts 1:9? what church fathers? i need more proof if your asking me no to believe in the Word.

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    Each author was writing to a different audience. THey would say whatever they had to to sway their audience, like any politician.

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