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who was/is the more dominant athlete?? tiger woods, michael jordan..?

or lance armstrong??

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    Is very simple, tiger woods

  • oleyar
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    4 years ago

    i'm nonetheless attempting to discern any reasonable assessment between the two activities! If the activities do not evaluate, how in the heck do you assume to evaluate athletes? Tiger wood is the main dominant golfer. Michael Jordan became the main dominant basketball participant of his time. each and every made important contributions to their activity. Who made extra? Toss up question. i think of wood might beat Jordan in a around of golf and that i think of Jordan might beat wood in a activity of one-on-one.

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    its simple. lance. he won the only race that count. cycling has other competitions. but the Tour d' france is like the superbowl of cycling. he won it 7 straight years. jordan played 20 years won 6 titles. tiger has been player of the year 8 times, but he doesnt win every major event every year.

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