Seperation anexity or???

When I get ready to leave my toy poodle gets really excited and starts jumping around... When he realizes he's not going he starts to nip and bite at me... I've been closing in our back room when I do leave so he can't bite me, but I'd really like to get him to stop doing it all together.. Any suggestions?

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    Honey I had a little mix that was the same way she would get mad when she found out she couldn't go and bite me. I got tired of it and so did my ankles they got a little sore too. Well one day she started that bull I bent down and bit her foot just hard enough for her to feel it but not hurt her. Believe it or not she got the message me well I got a mouth full of hair but it worked I didn't get any more sore ankles. What ever you decide to try good luck they just don't want you to leave them!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

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    I have had 2 dogs with bad separation anexiety and the reason why he is doing this is becasue he now associates you getting ready to leave...for instance putting on your shoes, getting your keys with you leaving him. What you have to do is act like you are getting ready, and then sit down and so not leave for about 10-15 minutes, also you muct ignore him for 15 minutes before you leave and 10 minutes after you come home. This is so he will not have to go through the exited stage and emotions that if you were to come home and get exited and play with him, then he would be hyper and wanting you to come home and not wanting you to leave. Actually by putting him in a room you are making it so he does not like you leaving even more. Now he is going to associate you leaving with him being kept in a room. Also, start leaving for just a few minutes then slowly increasing the time. I am not sure if how I explained it is confusing so you might want to google separation anxiety and will come up with many articles. But, yes this is Separation Anxiety, We recently rescued a dog and she does some what of the same thing, she getsvery hyper and jumps all around. Hope this helps!!Good luck!

    Source(s): animal shelter volunteer for 20 years, and pet owner of many rescued dogs.
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