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I hate school and want to quit and get a job.My parents say I'll have to move out if i quit school.Its my le,why can't I?

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    You can quit school if you are 16 or over. Your parents can't stop you. But, if you quit school expect to accept lower paying jobs. People that complete H.S. on average earn an additional $400,000 in their lifetime. Your parents probably would not want to see you quit school and this would be used as a scare tactic. However some parents would actually have you move out so why take the chance. I told my son when he wanted to quit school, you can quit but there is one phrase you need to memorize before you do. "Would you like fries with that" Good luck on your homework.

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    Some adolescents at one time or another get tired of school and drop out because they feel they do not need it. In reality, the lessons learned in school prepare you for the rest of your life.

    Yes, it is your life and this is why you should stay in school. While it is easy to say that you want to get a job and start your own life, it is not that easy. The money that you receive from your job will not carry you through for the rest of your life. It will only be enough to pay bills and barely enough to support you. A job can be easy to get, but a career is what you should be aiming for.

    Take a drive through a low income neighborhood and look at what is waiting for you. Think about your future. Would you like to have a wife and children? A minimum wage job will not adequately care for your family and you will end up miserable knowing that you could have done better for yourself.

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    Here's what you would face if you quit school:

    1.Most jobs today require a high school diploma or GED and if ou want the good paying jobs you have to go to college or trade school.

    2.Quitting school is the worst thing you can do to yourself and why would you want to quit school so you can be flipping burgers later on wishing you finished.

    3.It maybe your life, but you don't want to get out into the real world trying to be cocky because you won't last long because you need an education to get through tough decisions you make in where you go and what you want to do.

    4. Why would you want a job with your name on your shirt when you can have it on your desk.

    5.Plus your parents want you to be self reliant and not being a slacker living under their roof

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    It's most likely that without a high school education most people will not hire you and you'll end up getting minimum wage for the rest of your life. If you are living under your parent's house the minimum you can do for them since you are not paying any expenses is to fulfill their wish of getting an education. If you choose to do your own thing, you should pay for your choice and go out and find a job to see how hard it is to earn money and support yourself as they were supporting you. If you were to not get a high school education your parents will have to support you indefinitely and when it comes to their retirement, they won't even be able to support you with their pension money.

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    Because at 18 years old, you are considered an adult and your parents can only claim you as dependant on their taxes if you are in school. Also, it is probably to teach you responsibility. My kids are only 6 & 4, but I already know that they will be welcome to live under my roof with my total support as long as they are educating themselves to better THEIR lives. That way I can be sure that I am not going to have to support them the rest of MINE!

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    To move out and get a job is great. Until you realize that you'll over work yourself just to get by and never have money for yourself. Much worse, this will never get better. You'll always work hard to earn money for someone else only to make much less for you. You could move out but you would only be hurting yourself.

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    Do your own homework!

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