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I am african american..if i washed my hair last night is it okay to get a relaxer tomorrow?

i was just wondering don't want to cause any damage to my hair

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    Damage to your hair wouldn't be the problem. The reason why you are supposed to wait to shampoo, is because you need a protective layer of natural oils to protect your scalp from the burnin' and itchin' that can come with relaxing. Especially, if you really massaged your head well when you shampooed, you've stimulated your scalp which stimulates the micro capillaries in your scalp. It would be advisable to wait a good 48 hours minimum before relaxing.

    I've seen girls that say, oh, I've got a tough scalp, it won't bother me. Sure enough, you get half way through the processing time, and they can't take the burn anymore.

    Source(s): pro stylist 21 yrs
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    You should wait at least 3 days, the oilier the better to protect scalp. I won't damage hair, but will make scalp burn, if you definitely have to, then make sure your stylist bases your scalp really well before applying chemical. When you wash hair you irritate scalp and an irritated scalp and a chemical just do not mix.

    Hope this helps.

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    I don't have a relaxer but my mom washed her hair before a perm. As long as it is dry and you don't have any scabs or sores on your scalp then it is fine. Just make sure you condition your hair really well afterwards. The main cause of damage is dryness.

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    Well it is better for ur hair to be dirty cause the relaxer works better. If u grease ur hair real good with alot of hair grease and put some gel in it and let it dry so it can be flakes in it from the gel ur hair would take the relaxer better....

    Source(s): i know from my own experience
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    you shouldn't because when you wash your hair, it looses certain natural oils that protects it. by relaxing it quickly, you run the risk of it being damaged easily . It also depends on the health of your hair but a professional stylist could help you in deciding how soon .

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    Another aspect is that your head is going to burn once the relaxer is applied b/c you irratated your scalp by washing your hair.

    My advice would be to wait a couple days and to keep your hands outta your head!

    Good luck

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    no, it is best to put a relaxer in when your hair is dirty. the reason is after you have washed your hair your scalp is open and sensitive this is how you get burns and scabs on your scalp.

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    I would suggest waiting another 3 or 4 days.

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