Does anyone know any good electrician jokes?

If you know any please let me knwo right away. Thank you for helping me. ^_^

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    Q: What is the definition of a shock absorber?

    A: A careless electrician

    After an electrician finished repairing some faulty wiring in an attorney's home he handed him the the bill.

    ''Four hundred dollars! For an hour's work?'' cried the attorney, ''That's ridiculous! Why I'm an attorney and I don't charge that much.''

    To which the electrician replied, ''Funny, when I was an attorney I didn't either!''

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    There are old electricians

    and there are bold electricians

    but there are no old bold electricians

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    Electrician Jokes

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    I'll tell you how long I've been an electrician.

    You know when God said "and let there be light"?...

    ...I threw the switch.

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    a newly married Electician asked his wife after his 1st meeting night" darling what pleaser u find"? ."High laord n less Voltage" his wife said.

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