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how long did it take u to concieve with your first? been trying for ...?

5 months now.

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    To get pregnant you must have sex on a day that your eggs are being released.

    After the 3rd day from the day that menses started put a thermometer into your mouth and check your body temperature every morning before you start turning in bed. The best time is at about 4 a.m. Maintain a chart. You will find that on one day the body temperature drops from 1/2 degree to one degree. This is the day that your eggs are being released. If you want to get pregnant this is the day that you must have sex. Tell your husband to ejaculate on his inward thrust so that the sperms will shoot deep inside.

    After having sex you must stay in bed for about 30 mins with your knees bent up with a pillow under your buttocks so that the sperms will not pour out - to enable them to travel up.

    Get your husband to save his sperms in the testacles for at least 3 days before sex to enable them to mature well to do their job.

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    My first child... the first month of trying.

    My second... 3 months (because I was still nursing my first quite frequently)

    Hang in there. You may be miscalculating your ovulation. Here's what you need to do:

    If you know when you are to get your next period... count back 14 days from that date... that's when you'll ovulate. You are most fertile 2 days before, the day of, and the day after ovulation (days 12, 13, 14, and 15). Have sex every 36 - 48 hours to give the little guys time to build potency. Contrary to popular opinion.. you don't have a better shot by having more sex. Less is better. After intercourse, take a quick pee... and jump into bed to either relax or go to sleep. No need to prop yourself on pillows.

    I've stuck to this and had great results.

    Good luck.

    By the way... I saw someone saying 14 days after your period. Not true... I thought the same thing... and that would work if your cycles are 28 days... that's another reason why it took me 3 months for my second. I kept counting 14 days after my period started (my cycles were always 28 days... until I had my first child). Then my cycles changed to 26 days. I was frustrated and when talking to my doctor... he corrected me and told me to count back 14 days from my next cycle. Did that the 3rd month and presto... prego.

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    3 years to conceive my first!!! And then, for my second first try. It was a long wait for the first, we didn't get tested; but, it wasn't for a lack of trying. And, it turns out we are fertile as can be, with the arrival of my second just 15 months (to the day) after the first was born. Most people would have gotten tested in that time period though. Believe me, we were considering it, until finally, we were pregnant!! Happy baby dust your way.....

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    There are some people that have been ttc for over a year. With me, it took 3 months, but i took extra steps to make sure. I went to the store and bought cup like things (I can't remember what they're called) that you can use for your period. After we had intercourse I put it in and stayed laying down for 30 minutes. left the cup in over night. A month later I found out i was pg. Hope this helps. Also, you have to have intercourse at the right time. There are ovulations calendars on the web...i googled them, and ovulation kits that you can buy at the store.

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    2 months

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    It took me and my husband a year to concieve our first child. Usually when you aren't really trying is when it works the best.

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    We've been TTC our first since last December, so about 10 months of trying!

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    well,it depends. Not based on my own experience, but my sisters..1sis after bout 3 mnths of trying n another after 3 yrs

    All the best!

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    did you just get off the pill before starting to try? that can screw up your cycles for quite a while.. it took me 15 months after getting off the pill to get pg with my first.. after that i got pg three more times on the first try ;)

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    i got pregnant the first time that my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex. but everyone is different it may take a while for you to get pregnant but just have faith and tell ya man keep it up. Good Luck!!!!!!!

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