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I have a potted poiensetta from last xmas outside that has really grown when do I need to bring it in ?

Also will it bloom this xmas It has been on my deck all summer and has grownreally big in the pot it is in but I don't know how cold it can be before it needs to be inside.any help would be appreciated I've never had one before.

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    I don't know what zone your in, so I will go by my zone. I am in South Texas and my poinsettia has grown 7 feet since last winter. Here, everyone plants them outdoors. The only time they die is when we have a hard freeze and they aren't covered. Freezes rarely happen here so I do not plan on moving mine. If it snows there, I would take it in and place it by a window before the first freeze of the year. Also, If you want it to be really red for Christmas, cover it for at least 8 hours a day with a dark trash bag until the Holiday's.

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    It really depends on which zone you live in. I don't think they can tolerate weather in the 50's, so move it in before then. Also, the poinsettia is actually a summer blooming plant. They are forced into blooming for Christmas. I am sure you can find out how to force them on the internet. They thrive outside year round in climates like Southern California and Florida. They are derived from Mexico where they bloom all summer. Good Luck!

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    all depends where you live-------if you live where it get cold then you want to bring it in before the first frost, in a warmer area where the temps won't get near frezzing you should be ok. just go to your local nursery and ask them they can tell you everything you need to know for the area that you live in-- thats their job and they love giving out advice also ask them how to prune it----good luck you may be able to divide it and have more plants for next yr.......................

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    depends on where you live. they will take almost freezing

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