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if you sign the paper?

work for the doctor to perform the operation and he/she starts to do it....and later while in operation the doctor refuses to there a law against this


ok...the doctors checked for a atleast a week saying that she's doing fine all she has is hernia(don't know if i spelled right) and we signed papers for them to do the operation...then doing the operation they stoped and said she has cancer???*** BULLSHITTT** they did countless cat scans and blood tests and said shes fine and out of nowhere she has cancer??

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    It is very possible for a tumor to be found during an operation that is not visible on a CAT scan, a PET scan, or a blood test. The doctor was responsible to stop the operation, biopsy the mass, and have it tested before making any decisions to move forward. Instead of being angry at him, you should be very grateful that he erred on the side of caution. My Mom has Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and has had several tumors discovered during surgeries for other purposes that did not show up on scans.

    Even her first diagnosis was by accident.

    As far as the legal aspect of your question, the consent form signed by a patient or a patient's family member gives permission for the surgery to take place. It is NOT a contract obligating the surgeon to start or complete the surgery.

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    he would only stop if there was a medical problem that would require him to stop.

    Not enough data.

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