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Is it possile has anyone out ther come across this problem. A couple divorced. There r 2 children involved. The oldest (8yrs) is not the actual son of the man but he has raised him as his own since he was 2. The woman wants full custody of their youngest child. The man wants full custody as well. Place he wants the 8 yr old as well. The woman has refused the man even the right to see the oldest child now because he is not his son biologically. Is there any way the man can get a Judge to grant him visitation to the oldest son. Even though the son actually is not his.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes, especially if the biological father is not in the picture. Also, since this women has shown she is not stable in relationships ( 2 divorces) he may have an even greater chance of obtaining custody. He must get an aggressive attorney.

  • 4 years ago

    His possibilities of being named the standard custodian are no longer reliable interior the shared custody if all what you're saying is authentic. He could be searching for shared custody simply by fact he's making plans on inquiring for baby help from you. It seems such as you are the bread winner and he could be after area of your funds. If he gets a job then he much less to argue with to get baby help. in case you may get evidence that he's bodily able to working and in simple terms faking the harm or disability your lawyer could make effective the decide is unquestionably-known with that. Push for the entire custody and the the different weekend.

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    1 decade ago

    The man is not the legal father ( unless he adopted) the older child, He has no legal right to custody or even to visit that child.

    So no there is no legal standing for him to have any visitation rights.

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