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Does anybody know how to levitate a card from the top of the deck, with no strings, or no magnets?

Theres this one card trick that the card levitates with no string or no magnets, and you can pass something below and over the card... theres also the floating match trick... if anybody knew how this was done, could you please help me out by telling me?

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    The answer is 3 dimensional.

    You may be able to pass something over the top or underneath but you never see them pass something around all sides

    This is because it is being secured from one of the sides , a strong thin wire or seven plastic tubing. To further baffle the thinkers someone may even pass the hand with five fingers spread down the sides , five fingers spread so that the fingers pass over the wire.

    Hope this helps

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    They use a very thin, invisible thread. If you try to grab it out of the air, the thread breaks instantly, and you'll never know it was there. So, sorry, there is a string.

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    Sorry don't know.But I do know how to stand an egg on it's end.

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