My 31 yr. old friend spent 7 days in ICU but died. He has no insurance or money.Must his family pay the bill?

He does not live with his family, but they were there at the hospital to give the okay to turn off the life support since the brain damage from the car crash was too great. Both drivers hit head on. I don't know if the other driver has insurance since the police report is not out yet.

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    His estate - not his family - is responsible for his hospital bills.

    Sympathies on the loss of your friend.

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    1 decade ago

    Only if the family signed a paper indicating they would be financially responsible for the treatment. If they did not, the hospital and doctors will pursue the insurance from the vehicles, if any. Some doctors have been known to go after family members, but they have no legal recourse to do that unless the person did consent to the expense.

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I actually would call a lawyer for advice, but if they didn't sign any financial responsibilty

    papers, I can't see how they can be held responsible. It's possible the hospital might go after the auto insurance of the other driver if he was found at fault. I'll keep his family in my prayers.

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    I don't know what the law says about it, but rationally speaking no one should have to pay for someone else's mistakes of commission or neglect. A blood kinship doesn't confer economic obligations. Even the responsibility of parents with respect to the behavior of their own children is a custom, a convention, not a logical necessity. I certainly should not be burdened with the bills incurred by my sister. If she spends herself into irretrievable debt, then whether I help her financially or not should be my choice alone. I don't think that the child should be held liable for the medical costs of their parents, except perhaps that the creditor has first claim upon the parents' estate, and the heirs must await the creditors' satisfaction. Come to think of it, even that much is convention, not logical necessity. A different convention, namely that all debts expire upon the death of their debtors, would be equally rational - although less convenient to bankers and lawyers and such folks.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    almost was there myself.. i had no insurance and paid a bit on my bill... i was writen up as charity...

    i didn't have to pay on it any more.

    if the family wont pay or try to but can't pay what is required sooner or later he'll be writen off as charity.

    happens all the time.. just one day the bills stop coming.

    especially in this case.. it takes about a year but watch and see what happens.

    someone will get calls... bills.. i'm not sure who depending on information that was given at the hospital....

    but that's what happens... sometimes they'll ask also if one can't pay to be considered as a charity and have money come in to pay the bill(s). i'm sure technically it's out tax dollars.. through some insurance company associated with the hospitals involved...

    i'm not sure how it works but it does happen.

    my bill was 30,000... i couldn't do what they wanted me... they said i had to pay 7,000 before i could do any pay installments.. but like ok how do i do that? i couldn't no matter how hard i tried i just kept paying what i could every time the bill would come in..sometimes i got notices about me being considered for a charity where they'll do their best to get money for my cause (the bills and my situation) and pay it off.... they said i didn't qualify.. didn't qualify.... i was still paying...

    then something happened.. the bills stopped.


    i asked others about it who had huge bills through hospital expenses... no insurance... same situation happened.

    i can see how this can be abused people seeing this system and going to the hospital and getting admitted for no good reason and why it's so expensive and getting harder to get good care...

    but for serious situations.. like your friends... something will come up like this. the hospital will be talking to his family, that's for certain.

    what happens after that... i wouldn't know... but the family will find out.

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    I know that a lot of hospitals have programs that helop you find funds from private orgs to pay for medical costs...If they talk to the hospital..the cashiers would know...I know our hospital does, I had to take my 2 yr old to the ER they did labs, xrays, meds, IV's, all sort of stuff for 6 hours.....When I was leaving they asked how I was going to pay and I told them I didnt have ins. or any money, so they took my infor and in less than a week I got a letter saying that the bill had been paid from a private donation 100%....hey its worth a shot...but start at the source, tell the hosp you need a program for unisured who cant pay

  • robyn
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    1 decade ago

    Unfortunatly, they will be responsible for the bill because he still recieved care at that facility. By the way, I am sorry about your friend. My heart goes out to you and his family.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if they were responsible for his bill buy signing something or if he still lived at home, they will be, otherwise i would think not, but the hospital can take any property he had and dispose of it.

  • 1 decade ago

    His estate will pay the bills.

    They can't have the family pay, unless there was some sort of legal resposibility.

  • 1 decade ago

    I dont think so,unless he was married they might be able to make the wife pay

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