why did god threw out the bible dealt only with the son and daughters of jacob and no other nation or people?

chritians the truth hurts took at the world today governed by men who are governed by christ and it a wicked world so would christ co sign all the unjust by governers of this world the legalization of products that promote death like newports and the las vages seen where any thing goes. societies are founded on gods if the christians are right then whos wrong is democrisy that allpw you to disobey gods laws by saying they are to harsh when it only in place to bring heaven on earth yet under government of church the world is getting to be hellinistic once again.

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    We see the world from a Christian Worldview. We know that original sin is the cause of troubles in this world and that if we endure to the end trying to make our little corner of it better we will go to a better place.

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    Your question is too confusing! The additional details seem to have nothing to do with your original question.

    The Bible deals almost exclusively with the Jewish people for a reason: it is through the Jewish race, and specifically the Royal House of David, that God sent the Christ into the world, to be the saviour of all mankind. This does not mean that everything that all Jewish people do was/is right; quite to the contrary, they were rebuked time and again!

    It also does not mean that God dealt "only" with the Jews, or that the Jews were the "only" people to whom God revealed Himself. God did a lot of work on Nebucchanezzer of Babylon, for example, as well as Cyrus of Persia. The city of Ninevah was warned by a Jewish prophet to repent and avoid destruction, and it wasn't even part of the land of Isreal! Naaman the Syrian was touched by God, as was the woman from Shunem, as were the Egyptians and nomadic Arabs of the day.

    God has had a lot to say to different people. He focused on the Jews because He had something to accomplish through them, but that doesn't mean that He completely ignored everybody else.

  • God promised Abraham, Jacobs grandfather, that through him all the nations of the world would be blessed. What he meant was that Jesus the Messiah would come through his family tree. Not that they were the only ones God was with. God loves all the people of the earth. But he did choose Israel to reveal himself through moses and the prophets in the Bible.

    Don't be confused by countries that are "Christian" countries. Countries aren't Christian, people are.

    The principle of freedom and liberty being a gift from God to every human being, is a Christian principle. God gives us principles and laws to live by, but he doesn't force us to do them. So in a Christian country some people choose not to follow God and they reject His laws.

    Terrible immorality is usually the result. Lives are ruined and families are torn apart. There is a horrible price to pay for disobedience, as you have noticed.

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    Throughout the Bible, God follows this "chosen" family of Abraham.

    Through Isac, and then Jacob, and then Jacob's children, the 12 Tribes.

    This is why the Jews are called God's Chosen People.

    God chose them to bless the entire world.

    He began with the Abrahamic Covenant, then passed it down to the fourth generation.

    Source(s): What did I hear the other day? God's sandbox; God's rules
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    YHWH was the national god of the Hebrew. They had the novel idea of writing it down, and the world was forever changed as a result. That's really the only reason.

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    There is not one perfect, except JESUS CHRIST. Everyone that confesses to be a child of GOD isn't. No matter what person believes, no matter who you are, EVERY knee shall bow even Satan himself. Which side do you stand, Lord or Satan?

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    Because god is a racist and a bigot. And learn how to spell or at least use spell check, and brush up on your grammar as well.

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