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I have this friend (lets call her Laura) and she is into this emo punk-trying to be popular and cool phase but this is starting to scare other friend( (Sara) is the one who told me this story and I think it is serious. Sara was talking to me on the phone and asked me if Laura said anything about her arm. So I said no and she said nevermind then, but I kept asking her to tell me so she did but told me not to tell anyone.

So I asked Sara if she can tell me and that I wont tell Laura. I have no idea what to do or who I should tell. Okay, Sara said that she looked at Laura's left arm one day and then she just checked her other arm and saw three huge cuts on her right arm (not wrist) Sara asked Laura, "Why are you doing this? Is it because you want to be emo and cool?" All Laura said was "It doesn't hurt."

I thought it was pretty stupid what Laura did. Im still trying to figure out why....i AM running out of space so I will add more details...


....she has a big family with like 4 other siblings, & two nephews that live in her house and she tells me that her parents are almost always in a bad mood from work, so maybe it could be that she isnt getting alot of attention.But she DOES get whatever she wants....I dont think it is really making her happy. I always thought of her life as easy, no problems, fun. But she is also a follower and wants to be cool. So Im thinking that since she wants to be emo, she is doing the stereotypical thing by cutting herself.

I don't know whether to tell a friend or family member. The only problem is that if I do, she may not be my friend anymore but we are like best friends and I don't want to ruin our friendship.

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    Hi hun, the best advice i can give you is to talk to anybody... her dad, her siblings, herself, a psychologist... whoever you want, but talk to someone. Don't let any more time pass, cause if this continues who knows where, when and how it will end, and you have the chance to help her now... she will not understand, so expect no thank you's from her... she might even stop talking to you. But in time she will realize what you did for her and everything will be alright... Good luck!

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    by the sound of things her life isn't as good as it may look on the outside. yes she may be doing this just to be a follower but more than likely there are some serious issues that she is not willing to talk about. my best advice to would be to talk to her' you don't have to let her know who told you. just act as though you noticed the cuts yourself but most importantly do not act as though you are judging her or else you will lose her friendship and right now that is what she needs most . and by all means tell someone before things go to far and she seriously hurts herself or she has a total breakdown.

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    Just ask her, "Why don't you read a frickin' book instead of cutting yourself?" Once she learns about the rest of the world her problems won't be so intense to where she has cut herself to feel better. Then again maybe she's just a boring person. Get her hooked on Bob Dylan or Janis Joplin...someone significant.

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    Maybe you should talk to Laura yourself and see what's going on with her, that's the only advice I can give you.

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    I got a friend who act the same way too. Try to talk to her and console her. Teens face the same problems always, they will understand and changed when they started to grow up,

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    tell her that cutting skin is not good, 'cuz the poker you dig into may not be cleanly washed, so she'll spread more germs, if she keeps on doing it.

    try to talk about why she has been doing this, if she calls you nosy, tell her that you've been worrying about her- and that the fact that you're her friend, who cares about her .

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