Why do Christians and Atheists on here get so violent?

Can't we all just get along? I don't get it, its like people here are trying to be as condescending as possible and make everyone feel like an idiot. Why can't we accept eachother? That includes Christians who attack atheists too.


To Regina, I'm talking about more than answers, this is in general. Talking about Christendom and Atheism.

Update 2:

I've never asked this, and I know those scriptures, thankyou.

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    I love you, man.

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    MANY people on here are sick....not only people responding to Christian/atheist issues. I had FIVE questions today yanked,by someone very angry at me,because OTHERS gave him thumbs down and reported him. How sick is that? Guess what...I had a great day. Let the violent ones spew their words. Walk around it and continue asking fun questions and giving fun answers. It is not possible to get into the mind of these type of people. Remember,they are really anonymous,so therefore, MUCH more bold.

    You know your added detail? THAT is why my questions were yanked,supposedly. It is termed,chatting. Be careful,friend.

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    Anytime people have passion, it seems to turn to anger. I agree. I wish that people could actually ask questions without fowl feedback. I can't group all aethist, christians, muslums, etc into any catagory. The truth about people is we are all different. The ones that are fowl on here, are posers of the belief they represent. Representing a name instead of a behavior. I am a chrsitan and we are sapposed to let people come to know god becasue they can see him at work in our lives. Many people on here are being shameful. But that goes for many types of beliefs, not just christians. It's just that many people expect more from us than any other.

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    that's fairly in many situations maximum effective the extremists now, notwithstanding traditionally, Christianity was once violent like yet another faith. What annoys me is the actuality that many Christians marvel how I even have morals devoid of instruction manual that actual tells you to stone homosexuals. Christians think of in a instruction manual that TELLS them to do risky concerns, collectively as Atheists do not. There are additionally proportionally greater suitable Christians in penitentiary in u . s . than there are Atheists. i'm not saying that correlation same causation, notwithstanding what may be the case is that Christianity finally leads to a diverse way of existence. What you're making of it fairly is your opinion. while you're some style of crazed Bible basher, I doubt you will pay interest to this. yet only comprehend that there is sturdy purpose to declare that Christians are fairly in many situations greater suitable violent than Atheists. Theists are fairly in many situations greater suitable violent besides.

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    I'd say vitriolic, not violent. A harsh tone does not bother me. Intellectual dishonesty and belligerence does. Some things that are debated are quite objective, such as dates, people, numbers. But if what is cited goes against the spirit of moment, it gets ugly. Too bad for everyone. We sould at least learn something from each other if suffering through the sarcasm.

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    what up, homie?

    from an athiest who "evolved" from christendome, I am bitter having accepted things "by faith" only to find the leaders who claimed to be in touch with 'god' not only didn't know what they said, but could not answer simple questions and most of the time repeated garbage they heard from other indoctrinated ilk spewers

    I wouldn't have as much a problem but it harmed myself, my family, I made life altering decisions that bit me in the ace and remains the division in my family, with only 1 out of 7 members still 'faithful' and the rest still put up with them, save me. I was the first to openly stand up, the others soon followed, I was the protoge' and put all my trust and hopes into something that became embarassing to watch...they followed Pat Robertson and others who have FIMS foot in mouth syndrome and just make a huge ace of themselves on Nat'l TV, but their own followers don't see it. Eventually joining the military got me away from the sheltered environment and I had an athiest and agnostic Squad Leader and Shop Foreman who both made it their duty to challenge my faith, to which I could only answer with rhetoric and doctrine not logic.

    the phrase that got me, I found out later it was Ben Franklin

    God helps those who helps themselves.. I really resented it, maybe due to the truth I couldn't argue..otherwise that is to say god only helps the weak and lame and people who put themselves in dire need who always need to be 'saved'. In the end, it was preventative steps that eliminated the need for constant prayer and counseling, or I became my own saviour and god and now "see the light". It also helped that Diane Sawyer did her ABC special busting out the famous leaders of the time, Tilton, Hinn, the Crouches, the Hunters and other tele evangelists

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    It's not just religious people. Anyone who has beliefs, or the lack thereof, will justify who they are because that, my friends is human nature. Doesn't make it right. It's so important to be tolerant. I mean, ok, I'm Mormon. Do you realize how many people hate me before they meet me? I have a ton of atheist friends as well, so it's not like I'm not accepting people. It's just the way people are. That doesn't mean that those of us who realize how important tolerance is can't be an example to those who let their pride get them in trouble.

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    1 decade ago

    What a nice idea. One problem; the Christians and the Atheists were looking for an arena... and they have found it here.

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    1 decade ago

    I resond to thought-out, reasonable questions with thought-out, reasonable answers.

    But I am guilty of responding to idiocy with sarcasm. Some people are too stupid to be worth anything but a laugh.

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    No way. This is the perfect environment to discuss the issues and pick apart each others arguments. The truth is out there and we are seeking it.

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    its because each believe they are right and are not prepared to let others have their own beliefs, or it could be they don't truely believe in what they are saying so have to back up there statements with violence

    This go for all beliefs who get angry about those who beliefs are different.

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