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Explain how I divide whole numbers by decimals?

Give me some examples, directions ,and helpful hints.

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    ok first put a decimal after the whole number.. and then a zero after the decimal.. and line it up.. i hope that helps you visualize it.. i just use my calculator though.

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    To divide whole numbers by decimals you have to move the decimal over to the right until it becomes a whole number, and how ever many spaced you moved the decimal over you move the whole numbers decimal over to the right. For example:

    92/.02; move the decimal over two places to the right to get .02 to 2, and move the whole numbers decimal also over two places and make the 2 turn into a 9200. and when you divide that you get 4600. Hope this helps.

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    Hmmm.. Wantolos... has the wrong answer.. the decimal is off.. should be 20...

    make your decimal a whole number by multiplying it by some power of 10, and as stated above, also multiply your whole number by the same power of 10... then divide whole numbers.

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    Are you doing long division? What a pain! Let's say you're dividing 95 by 3.2.

    You would prefer to have 3.2 be a whole number, so, since the decimal is in tenths place, multiply 3.2 by 10 to get rid of the decimal.

    Since you multiplied the 3.2, you have to multiply 95 by the same thing to keep everything even.

    You'll be dividing 950 by 32. Your answer is 29.69

    In general, multiply your divisor by whatever will make it a whole number; multiply your dividend by the same thing. Then do your division.

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    divide them in the usual way by forgetting the decimal way and then putting the decimal in the answer after the number of digits from left where it was placed earlier(if the answer itself also contains before putting the decimal then count the number of didgits after that decimal)

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    Change your whole number to a decimal also.

    50 divided by 2.50 is the same as 50.00 divided by 2.50.

    Make a division problem out of that and the answer is 20.

    Hope that helps.

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    The easiest way to do is to divide the numerator and the denominator by 10 and its powers so that you remove the decimal in the denominator.But remember to divide both numerator and denomintor by th same powers of 10.Then follow the similair methods followed for normal division

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    Cut an apple into ten equal parts. each piece is 1/10 or .1 of the apple. A dollar is 100cents. a quarter is 25/100ths or .25

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