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Homecoming Dance?!?!? OH NOO!!!!?

may be the Homecoming Prince. I will need to dance with a girl. I am scared. What should I do? What dance shall I master? Please help me! Thank you fellow people. Any tips for me? I have to dance with the princess. This started out as a joke, but now I'm stuck with it! Help me!! It is very likely that I WILL be the Homecoming Prince because I got a LOT of people voting for me. So don't tell me to win it first just tell me what to do!!!!!

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    call your public library and ask the librarian if they have instructional videotapes or DVDs on "how to dance", or how to dance wedding dances". You could also ask for lessons in a dance studio, but that will require more cooperation from your parents, and more money, and I think they'd appreciate it if you tried the library's resources first.

    The box step is fairly easy, and is common to the Waltz, Rhuma and Foxtrot. All three of these are smooth dances, and are quite suitable for your homecoming dance.

    There are web resources that will help, but I'm betting your TV set is bigger than your computer screen anyway.

    so calm down, gather some resources, and practice your box step by yourself. Then get a girl to practice with you. When you can, get the girl you are going to dance with at the homecoming dance to practice with you before the dance, that way you two can get used to dancing together before you two are doing it at the dance with everyone watching.


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    You should learn the waltz go to a proffrosinal dance studio trust me A LOT of guyz with common sence do this!

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    well i think that you should tell some one that will not laugh at you so that person can help you out on dancing.

    PS. it is not that hard to dance just go with the beat of the song.

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    well i think you should just make up your own dance moves and just for get about what people say you know it like what my mom says to me .

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    really i will have a great time hope you will to

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