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Can you please help me to make a good reply to this letter?

How should I address to reply to this letter, Should I reply directly to Dear HE michael or dear John (his subdordinate who wrote the letter)?


Dear Dr. Ivan,

Thank you for your letter of 5th August 2006 addressed to HE Michael, the Chairman of (XYZ) inviting His Excellency to contribute to the book entitled "George in the Eyes of the World".

His Excellency very much appreciates the initiative to publish such a book for the benefit of the women foundation. Please find enclosed the contribution of His Excellency for the book.

His Excellency wish you well with the new publication and seek through you to convey his greetings and respect to Dr. Michael.

His Excellency should be pleased to receive a copy of the book, when published.


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    Since John is the writer of the letter, a direct reply to the letter should be addressed to the composer thereof, but if you wish to send a note of thanks to His Excellency I would recommend you address it directly to him.

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    Dear John.

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    Reply to John, who wrote the letter to you.

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    If i were u , i would reply John.

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    Why don't you just reply with

    Dear Sirs

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