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Obsession with good grammar is nonsense up with which I will not put?

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    Grammar communicates to the person with whom you speak that you are educated and know what you are talking about. It's a good thing. Are you not aware of the number of non English speaking people who speak better English than native speakers? THATS insane. I have a feeling jobs are likely to go to the well spoken.

    You make a point in your question: we understand you, even through messed up sintax. Shall we speak like Shakespear every day? I thought not, though pesonally I think it'd be cool. You're also correct that obsession is ridiculous; there are certainly more worthy causes.

    For proof that good English is good, read Their Eyes were Watching God or Uncle Tom's Cabin. You shall get a good dose of confusion caused by horrendous English. See if you understand it.

    Would you prefer an aligator eat you or a crocadile?

    If a person is called "nothing" and retaliates by saying, "I'm not nothing!" what do you think he means? Yet said in the context of "She aint nothing but a loser" what does it mean?

    Good grammar is useful. I too am southern, but I refuse to allow people to stereotype me.

    Oh, and personally, Id rather the aligator eat the crocadile, not me.

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    What is good grammar? Each "area" has different accents, and different ways of pronunciating words. I'm from GA and my hubby is from Indiana and he laughs so much at how I say certain words. I also had a friend who'd ask me to repeat things because he liked how I talked (Southern). So what does grammar do? It doesn't show people that you are or are not ignorant. It doesn't make you more or less educated. It simply shows we all talk differently.

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    Obsession with anything is not healthy for us, however good grammer shows a level of education to those you come into contact with and dictates how people will understand what you are trying to tell them.

    Don't trust everything your read on the internet, a lot of it is rubbish and this tendency away from correct spelling and grammer is one not to trust.

    ;) H

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    Grammar shows intelligence whether you like it or not. Blatant disregard for it will make others view you as ignorant and/or stupid. Especially if the only way they know you is by your writing or speaking.

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    hey 100% southern and i usually type like i talk...that's why i type "tha" instead if the and "thang" instead of for tha first guy that said if you don't talk or spell right then your ignorant that just goes to show how ignorant he is in my opinion..i think it takes some pretty dumb people to judge others self worth and intelligence based on their accent and grammar don't you?...i guess tha way i see it you can have book smarts or common since...and i have found in life that common since is need more then book smarts to daisy

    Source(s): sorry if i came off has harsh but ignorant people like that make me mad when they think their better then others cause of tha way they speak....good luck on your answers hun ;)
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    Thats a choice you are allowed to make.

    Good Luck!

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    hey, I don't care if you want to look like you haven't graduated grammar school........

    I'll just keep making my snide comments, that's all.

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    To speak wrong tells others you are ignorant and/or stupid.

    Be who you wish to be, but be aware of what you show to others will be how they accept and perceive you.

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    me neither, i enjoy being underestimated.

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    I care not!

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