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how can i get inbox empty in yahoo.?

i have 22000 emails in inbox how can i delete all. not select all works, it only deletes per page emails.

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    I don't think you can delete them all at once, as you've said I think the only way to do it from your inbox is to do it page by page but that would take way too long with 22,000.

    I'm assuming most of those are spam emails and that you don't have the anti spam switched on. If this is the case, if you switch on your anti spam ( in the options section ) there may be an option for it to apply the spam filter to the current mails in your inbox ( I can't remember if it does or not ). If it does this should switch most of your messages out of your inbox to the bulk mail folder. Once they are in the bulk mail folder you can simply click on the 'empty' link next to the bulk mail folder which will delete all those ones. Then you should have a much smaller number left in your inbox to delete.

    Hope this helps

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    Press the delete button after selecting the emails. It's unfortunate but you can only delete one page at a time. Have fun.

  • Lloyd
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    You can only do it one page at a time. Sorry. But if you have 22,000 e-mails that you don't want, I'd say its time to sign up for a new e-mail address anyway.

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    who e-mails you? do u get this much e-mail everyday? are they friends, co-workers, or is it just spam and advertisements, newsletters, and that stuff? I find it very strange that u have this problem. just find the check box that say delete all e-mails, and you're done. or just get a hotmail adress, it's much more better at that.

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    click on the check and it will check 25 at a time and hit delete.. wow thats alot of

  • Anonymous
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    Highlight one press shift and arrow down to cover all then delete, that is how I do it.

  • Balu
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    1 decade ago

    You have to do page by page

    find more details here...

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