how hard is it go get into Villanova University?

i was thinking about it for pre-med ( i want to become a dermatologist) and i was thinking of applying there. is it a hard school to get into. i have a high 80's low 90's average (im a junior in h.s. nowand im doing many clubs this year like catholic league and pro-life. do you think I have a shot?

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  • Jim
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    1 decade ago
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    If Villanova is the school you want, go for it. Just be sure to also apply to at least one "safety school" which you are sure you will accept you.

    College admissions decisions are unpredictable, especially since so many student applications resemble each other ... similar grades, similar test scores, similar extra-curricular activities. The reason is that students now have so much information available about schools that they know which schools match their qualifications, so large numbers of similar students apply to the same schools.

    To improve your chances of admission, try to stand out from the crowd. Instead of submitting a bland, safe application, say something to make the admissions staff sit up and notice your application. What is unusual about your life so far?

    Don't be afraid to tell them about interesting things ... just don't talk about the car you stole last summer or how you got your cousin pregnant.

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