Any females have problems with bumps/pimples on the Butt?

Since I was younger I've always had "*** bumps." 10 years later.. I still have them. Any suggestions?

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    i had the same problem i used cocoabutter soap. it worked

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    you have guts to ask this quesiton. I had this for a while, and also bumps on the backs of both upper arms. It drove me around the bend, because its a bump, so I picked at it. What I did, and FINALLY, my skin smoothed out, I wished I would have done this sooner, was find a good body wash that rinsed off well, and made sure all the soap was off my body, and use a scrubbie puff, not a cloth. I don't know why, but it works. I honestly thought that this would make the situation worse, but it didn't. My skin has never been so smooth. Also, I make sure that I wash every day. I turn the shower off after I wet myself down, and then I soap up, then rinse well. If I use conditioner in my hair afterwards, I make sure that none of the conditioner goes on my skin.

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    Those could be anything from an ingrown hair (very light hair on the buttocks) or simply a pimple. Ditch the silky panties and thongs for awhile and trade in for some good old cotton ones, to reduce irritation from trousers and skirts. Use a good soap and don't forget to scrub your butt cheeks. And, if all else fails and you're really worried, talk to a doctor or GYN. Maybe something more is going on, then.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i get it too.. and i honestly couldent tell you what the hell is causing it. i get pimples in the most random places. and its not like im dirty i shower daily sometimes twice daily. but i once got a pimple in my belly button???? so i cant imagine the butt is a wierder place. but the ones that hurt are annoying. i guess you could do a mask on your pimples when you find them.. but only if there not popped yet


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    My fiancee has that too at times and he uses baby powder to soothe it. If something is rubbing against it where it is causing it to chafe, try to make sure the area stays dry and don't put lotion on it. Your Dr might prescribe a steroid to help the irritation go away.

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    I'm so glad I'm not the only one! It drives me insane! I haven't found anything that works for me. I've tried all kinds of washes and powders. Annoying!

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    put talc powder(eve talc femnine) or baby powder on yr butt or change under ware to cotton or lace , or use cooking salt with honey and corn strarch mixed then put on yr butt,massage for 10mins the rinse off will help reduce scar,dead cell,killed bacteria and germ.

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    wash you butt more often, do not wear anything but cottom panties. and if you skin is real oily, use like witch hazel to dry it out. that should help you

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