In electronics components what is "CSR"?

This comes with 3 pins as a,c &g. What is the exact equivalent of CSR:C106D which is not currently available. What is the equivalent of Transistor: MPSA05

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    Hi, I think you mean SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) which is a Thyristor. The TIC106D is a very common Thyristor (SCR) it is strange that it is unavailable but to give you the answer, the exact replacement for a TIC106D is the NTE5351

    The TIC106D works up to 400V @ 3.2A and is really common. It surprises me that the other answer from the electrician with 10 years experience did not recognize the part number.

    It really is a common part, I use it a lot, they cost around 1 Euro and are very reliable!

    I hope this answered your question?

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    3 pins a,c,g are anode, cathode, and gate. sounds like a triac, but do a web search for NTE CROSS REFERENCE. this will save you a lot of time, and you can view spec sheets as well. this written on the part or on the circuit board? that sounds like a board location number, not a part number. now the mpsa05 is a common transistor,

    Source(s): 10 years as electronic repair technician
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    please try googleing something before wasting 5 points asking it

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