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I am currently looking for a few investors/co-founders of a online game/interactive site dealing with buying,selling,and trading virtual real estate.

As we all know real estate is a huge thing right now and everyone wants to be the next Trump.

The game is already in the process of programming and alot is completed. Money is getting tight and i was the only investor so far.

There is nothing like this and could be the next myspace or craigslist. ( i dont know if you have heard but myspace was just quoted to be worth 15 billion!)

Anyway, email me at for more info or if your interested.

I only want 2 or 3 serious investors. Im planning to open it up as a official corporation in the next few months.


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    no thank you.

    This is not the place to solicit or hawk your wares.

    This is not a proper question.

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    I am serious, but not born yesterday

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    Not in your scam...

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