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What are the chances of a 78 year old beating chronic leukemia?

My grandma is in pretty good health for being 78, she had a bi-pass surgery about 6 years ago and is an active woman.

She recently had a lot pain in her leg and went to the doctor, they took a biopsy of her bone marrow and informed her that she has chronic leukemia.

She is taking medications and chemo that is costing $3000 a month. She honestly believes she is not going to make it.

What are the chances she will beat the leukemia at her age?

I knew two people her age with leukemia and both of them died within a year even though they had top of the line doctors. I am feeling pretty hopeless!

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    I knoe of a 70 year old man in Austin Texas who owns the Armstrong supply houses who is in medical journal for surviving lukiemia. Hes alive and well and everyone thought he'd die. Just ask for AJ and go to the one on Anderson Lane. They will ask you if you have a license but just say you want to talk to him about lukeimia

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    I am sorry to be a doomsayer, but it is very unlikely that she will last for a long time. Leukemia is relentless, and the only good part of the diagnosis is that it is chronic instead of acute. A chronic disease tends to be prolonged whereas an acute phase is rapid. Transfusions, medications and chemo are all supportive make her remaining days as comfortable as possible. It is impossible to judge how long she may survive...I would need to do several tests in order to even make a prediction and that would be more of a guess than fact. However, try to keep up her nutrition as elderly people tend to lapse into simple meals. Keep up her spirits, and keep a positive attitude yourself. Many churches have hospice groups that visit and provide companionship and emotional support.

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    Shes not sweety, and I am not so sure I would recommend chemo...but thats her choice. You might want to investigate some alternative therapies that are easier on the body. I pray for you babe, but you have to face the truth of the matter.

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    as painful as it is to lose a loved one , you have to admit , she has had a long life . it would be a shame for her to suffer through all kinds of treatments just to pass away of old age , do you understand what i mean. god bless and good luck............

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    This site has the best info:

    Best wishes to you and your Grandma!

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    im sure the chances are small, shes lived a full life already

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    only god knows that my friend i truley hope she does better . my opion? god bless

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