how to know that a formula,for example Nacl to be an ion,molecule or atom in chemistry?

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    An atom is going to be just one item off the periodic table (just Na or Cl, not both). An ion is an atom with either a positive or negative charge, usually caused by losing or gaining an electron. It is written as Na- or Cl+ (the - or + is usually in the superscript, where a "squared" sign would be). A molecule is two or more atoms or ions bonded together (NaCl).

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    Molecule means two or more atoms should be together bonded by sharing electrons in the outermost orbit.Either covalent or electrovalent.Cl subscript 2 is a molecule with a covalent bond.molecule formed of two similair atoms is covalent.Molecule can also be formed by two or more elements.For example NaCl is a molecule with electrovalent bond.Atom are usually alone Eg Na atom or Cl atom.Toms are always neutral.They do not carry any charge but ions do.But ion carries charge.Ions are formed by removal of an element from a bond or molecule.It may be + or - ve in their charge.that is what we call anion or cation.

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